In Attendance

Natalie and Benjamin attended a performance by the First Performing School Of Dance at the Palais Garnier last weekend. A blogger happened to be sitting a few seats over and took some blurry snaps. He describes Natalie as seeming “very shy” and like a “little girl”…at least according to Google translate 😛

Click the image below to go to the post. Thanks to Kitten.




3 Responses to In Attendance

  1. 2 years ago by Jessica

    Actually the blogger meant to say that it’s her “little girl dress” with the balloon sleeves that makes her look timid. He then goes on to suggest that they are a low-key couple, arriving almost late to the show and then blending in with the crowd during intermission. :)

  2. 2 years ago by Cédric42

    for once I’m not forced to use google translation to understand an article about Natalie

    Still beautiful in any case, thank you for the article :)

  3. 2 years ago by Belerofonte

    Lovely … :)


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