We’ve got a jam-packed edition of mini news items today.

– Let’s start with this Instyle interview with some of Natalie’s beauty tips (tip one should be “genetics”) and her favourite beauty products.

– Here is the trailer for Marielle Heller’s Diary of a Teenage Girl. What has this got to do with Natalie? Heller is directing Natalie’s upcoming film, On the Basis of Sex.

– I didn’t get a chance to fanboy it up for my favourite moment from Natalie’s Cannes appearance – the time she met Annie Clark (better known as St. Vincent) and her girlfriend, Cara Delevingne (model and actress).

– Another cute moment during the festival was Mindy Kaling, Natalie’s co-star in No Strings Attached.


– And finally, this update was written while listening to the beautiful main theme for Knight of Cups.


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Here are a few mini news items to start the weekend…well, the first one is major-mini.

– We’ve been expecting some Jane Got A Gun news but were thinking more along the lines of a poster or trailer. No, instead we have the news that distributor Relativity has moved the film from it’s August 29th release date and will now be opening…errr…honestly, we have no idea yet. It could be good news if internally they consider the film might have some awards prospects. Or it may skip the awards season altogether and land early 2015.

Let’s hope that we get a new date soon because, seriously, we need a new Natalie film ASAP.

– NY Daily News has a little write up from that adorable new set of candids from Versailles.

“They aren’t exactly royalty, but Natalie Portman and her family were still treated to a royal day in the park of the Versailles castle in France over the weekend. Portman enjoyed a boat ride with her husband, choreographer Benjamin Millepied, and their 2-year-old son, Aleph, while touring the grounds and the Grand Canal. La belle vie!”

– The Black List is Hollywood’s annual back patting for the best scripts that have no been made into films yet. The Playlist has a nice breakdown of the best and worst Blacklist films, and it becomes clear that Natalie hasn’t had much luck with the Blacklist. While none of her films make the worst 10, there are three listed in the dishonorable mentions – The Other Boleyn Girl, No Strings Attached and Love And Other Impossible Pursuits. OUCH.

Thanks to Kitten and Belerofonte.


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Charity Signature

Good news if you are a Natalie autograph hunter, and through the years I’ve come to realize that there are quite a few of you out there. Personally I don’t see the appeal, but whatever blows your hair back is fine by me 😛

Right now Natalie has signed two DVD’s which are being auctioned on Ebay with the proceeds going to Sumatran Orangutan Society. The auction is open for 3 more days and currently stands at $30, which is still reasonable. The bad news is that she has signed Your Highness and No Strings Attached. Natalie gives to the orangutan’s with one hand and takes away with the other 😉

Thanks to Kitten for the find.


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– Looks like Natalie was out to dinner at Nobu with her dad and Aleph on Saturday night (and maybe Ben and her mom as well). This tweet broke the news and this one, with a photo of Avner and Aleph, sealed the deal.

– Forbes has another dodgy financial list – running down Hollywood’s most bankable romantic couples (of recent years). It really is an awful idea with even worse parameters…it’s like they decided “well what list can we do to show off to get some of that Twilight traffic?”. Skip all that noise and just click here to go to Natalie’s page, which also includes a really bad mistake.

– Finally, the Sundance Film Festival is on the go at the moment and it’s no doubt jam packed with great little movies that nobody will see. Well, The Playlist have put together a look at the biggest financial successes that came out of Sundance and one of Natalie’s film’s made the cut. Any idea what it is?

Click to confirm your Nat knowledge


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Natalie Money Well Spent


Forbes has named Natalie the “best actor for the buck” in a new feature.

The calculation is based on the last 3 starring films (that opened in more than 2000 theatres) for actors, with Natalie’s films being No Strings Attached, Black Swan and Your Highness. They didn’t count Thor because Natalie was only supporting, even though she probably has more screen time in that film than Your Highness.

Even with that strangeness, the list is a lot of bunk. You can’t make such a determination of such a small sample size. It shows that Natalie had a couple very nice hits but I wouldn’t look much further than that.

We estimate that for every dollar Portman is paid by the studios, she returns $42.70. Compare that to Eddie Murphy, our most overpaid star, who returns $2.30 for every dollar he gets paid.

Out of interest, Kirsten Stewart was second and Shia LaBeouf third.


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Last year, Natalie made an appearance on The People’s Choice Awards to promote No Strings Attached. Well, that good will has boomeranged back because she has been nominated for NSA under the Best Comedic Actress category.

She’s up against Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Mila Kunis and Emma Stone.

Head over here to throw a vote Natalie’s way, or to show Thor some support, as it is up for Favourite Action Movie.


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MTV Awards

MTV have done their PRE nominations for this years awards. The FINAL nominees will be decided by the discerning MTV viewers. Their award show is a complete joke, so I shouldn’t care, but dammit I do!

So head over here and throw some votes towards Natalie and Black swan. The mentions are…

Best kiss : Natalie Portman & Ashton Kutcher
Best kiss : Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis

Best Jaw Dropping Moment : Natalie Portman (Black Swan)
It begins with a hangnail, and suddenly you’re ripping off your skin.

Best Scared-As-S**t Performance : Natalie Portman (Black Swan)

Best Female Performance : Natalie Portman (Black Swan)

Best movie : Black Swan


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Here is a new batch of mini news items.

Confirmation that Natalie will attend the Palm Springs International Film Festival and that friend and Brothers co-star, Jake Gyllenhaal, will be presenting her with the honourary award.

– No Strings Attached and Thor have made The Playlists list of Escapist And Potentially Entertaining 2011 Films list.

– Here’s a good quality version of Natalie’s People’s Choice appearance, except it misses most of it. It is nice to see Natalie uberfan, Kristen Stewart, up there with her. She’s looking as embarrassed and awkward as ever. Love it. Is it just me or does Pattinson looks like a hobgoblin?


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