my name is tristan


Amo found a new set of pics taken in London on the 23rd. It must have just been before she left. If anyone (aka papari) can help with Hi Res…

There isn’t much else in the news today. Unless you count Pharrell being hot for Nat.

Or a brief mention of Nat and Scarlett shaking their money makers.

Buuut, I do have some fanart, which I had saved for a rainy day.

Lets begin with some moving avatars from Emma.

Next up is a nice Gael-Nat flavoured wallpaper with a not so subtle blog plug. Thanks to Aude.

Nora sent in 3 V flavoured wallpapers.


TANGENT ALERT – I saw Children of Men a few weeks back and its vision of the future is so thought provoking, frightening and COMPLETE that I couldn’t help but cast my mind back to V and how I wished it had created something even half as mesmerizing. If you have the chance to see it, don’t think twice.

And finally, a wallpaper from Alejandra to make Clone’s day.