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Not much in the way of Nat news this week so how about a little Boleyn gossip.

This is from the IMDB boards. Might not exactly be a fair account of things but its always nice to hear good things about Natalie’s character.

I visited the fabulous Dover Castle today and spoke to the English Heritage staff. The scene filmed there is where Anne is imprisoned in the tower (Dover Castle’s Keep looks very similar to the Tower of London in the stonework and is easier for filming) as well as her execution. I asked him how the cast were and first thing he blurted out was what a total ‘long-faced cow’ Scarlett J. was. I was quite taken aback as the strength of this feelings as he has been there for years and not too into the celebrity thing. She apparently insisted on having at least 4 women accompany her to the toilet, insisted on 2 blankets covering her shoulders between takes in the outside scenes (whilst all the other cast and extras were happy to freeze their asses off!) and basically was very unfriendly to the point of rudeness. He said Natalie P. was a fine sort and he gathered from the staff and other extras during smoke breaks she was the most popular of the 2, and that Scarlett was rather ‘hated’ on set. The execution scene (most pivotal of course) took ages to film, they redid it countless times I was told.

Might as well update the poll as well. This one is for the comments section regulars.

And here are the results of the last poll.

Whose up for another Sanjified Christmas Day?

What now? 45.98% (246 votes)

Awesome stuffs 44.49% (238 votes)

Lame 9.16% (49 votes)

Almost half of you are confused as to who Sanjiro is. Reason enough to get him involved on the site again I would think.

Keep sending in fanart related to the holidays. It’ll all be posted on Christmas day.


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  • plop says:

    Wow! So Scarlet is untratable. Well, only two things of my kind (so stop reading most of you): May be she was practising the Royal thing, and I agree hundred per cent with her about how horrible cold is.

  • _Anyathe says:

    Dazza, you need to understand….the new poll…it made my day. It bloody well made my day. ROTFLMAO.

  • JenR1215 says:

    god, i never knew Scarlett was such a bitch… I also have never paid attention to her…. jesus.

  • thevoid99 says:

    Well, myself and some fans felt that she’s changed in the past few years. I admit, as much as I adore. I’m kind of disappointed in her since she’s let the fame get to her head and everything.

    Plus, she hasn’t really done anything great since “Lost in Translation” or “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. She’s kinda lost her edge as an actress. Whenever I see her do a decent performance in a film, I always say “it’s minor stuff” which has been the case with films like “The Black Dahlia” (the book was better) and “The Prestige” (her character was unnecessary).

    At least I’m glad Natalie remains cool amidst everything and taking more risks as an actress. Maybe Natalie should kick her ass a few times just to get the diva-act out of her head.

  • rafael28 says:

    whut a bunch of newbies!

  • binky says:

    I find it very odd that the most loved person and the most hated person on that set hung out with each other in their free time. When does that ever happen in any social environment? Also, none of the above sounds like diva behaviour. Alert me when she throws a latte on someone.

  • nimbuschick says:

    Mary is the sweetheart with human emotion. Anne is the calculating bitch, plop. So I think getting into character doesn’t work there.

    Granted, they both have humanity to their characters, book and screenplay, but Scarlett is the last actress in that film to be allowed to claim character as an excuse for being nasty.

  • AProfessional says:

    Wow, I would’ve never expected Scarlett to be that way actually… Although itz kinda nice to kno that the one that u love is the most loved one!

    BTW, luv the poll on Clone, cuz even tho I laugh AT him n not WITH him, hez a pretty cool guy/girl! Keep keepin our spirits up, Clone! 😀 Jeje

  • clone says:

    you guys, she loves eating M&M’s, and it’s good to give a lady a bunch of flowers and the gift voacher would allow her to choose what she wants to buy since she loves shopping, and the award would be useful to keep as an award and to use to pratice her speaches if she went to the academy awards.

    I heard on the news that in america its raining mad. I wonder if it’s natalie’s area.

  • SKYWALKER says:

    “she was the most popular of the 2,” yes she is,very popular

  • MoRawk says:

    I dont know why you would wanna give her a voucher for 50K $ when she has like 30million dollars just sitting around =P..

  • Thom Yorke says:

    Clone is my hero

  • shadowtrooper says:

    Polish disscusion:

    -Clone would buy Natalie for Christmas a box o M&Ms..
    -what are M&Ms? Who is Clone?

  • AProfessional says:

    MoRawk: Jajajajaja 😀 Thatz EXACTLY wat I wz thinkin!!! 🙂

  • Seyo says:

    Ok,M&Ms because she loves to eat them. And the flowers too. But a voacher?? Kidding 😀 . She´s got millions.Then just buy her a present.But give her a voacher? Its inpolite.

  • minimaggit says:

    People care too much about celebrity, if we don’t treat famous people as we treat others, how can we expect them to be like others?

  • InNatsThrall says:

    The fact that she has so much money, but yet doesn’t flaunt it makes makes her even more attractive. Intelligent and agruably one of the most beautiful women alive today. No wonder we all come here!

  • Selfnamed says:

    Personally (and respectfully with our webmaster) I disagree with the tendency of posting negative gossip on other “celebrities” as a way to compare with Natalie; she has her own merits, so there is no need of “… you see, unlike … Natalie is nice, beautiful, and educated and down to earth, etc..”; we can survive some days -Not too many days, of course :)- if there are not news from Natalie to be aware of.

    Natalie is precisely one of those celebrities that doesn’t care how famous she is or not and doesn’t need to do something atrocious or mention bad things of others to be in the news; she does not need to be showy and extravagant even if she is extremely beautiful and has a lot of talent to show. I always consider this place “Natalie’s official website”, so it is nicer in my opinion when the site is consistent with the reasons we like her.

  • exo says:

    wow. while looking at the gallery for ‘the public sings: a 50th anniversary celabrations.’ under the public appearances in the photo gallery something caught my eye. it may be my imagination running wild or in photo 4 does it look like ben stiller is licking his lips at natalie while she laughs. seriously check it out. hahahahah.

  • Bloody Fork says:

    Hell yeah bring Sanjiro back!

  • JenR1215 says:

    I say give the girl a box of Hershey Bars. Since she is a girl (most love chocolate)

    … and i call her Ms Hershey.

  • unity1 says:

    Since Natalie is Jewish and an Israeli, I doubt she’s big into Christmas gifts. No? But I’m sure the thought would be appreciated.

    Someone mentioned that stardom must have gone to Scarlett’s head, but wasn’t she also reported to have been a big pain in the ass on the set of “Lost in Translation” which was before she was mucho famosa? Some people are just uber assholes no matter what. Then again maybe people just don’t get her (or maybe they do).

    2007 is going to be a Natastic year isn’t it? Lots of projects coming out, which also means lots of promo appearances, like Letterman or maybe even a return to SNL. Maybe another Charlie Rose appearance. The promo stuff is great.

    Has anyone here ever played six degrees: the Natalie Portman version? I’d have to think about it more, but I can link myself within 4 degrees of her. Sad. Oh well, maybe I’ll get to say hey someday at a Democratic party rally or an academic or human rights conference or something. Then I’ll totally win at six degrees.

    Barack Obama for President.

    Happy holidays!

  • clone says:

    shadowtrooper, M&M’s are those chocolates that advertised revenge of the sith.Its natalie’s favourite chocolate which is why george lucas choose this chocolate for his film.

    also I’m a 31 year old man from australia if you want to know who I am shadowtrooper. I live in melbourne.

  • Don E says:

    Well said Selfnamed.

  • dazza says:

    Selfnamed – I agree with you in principle but I feel its not quite as simple as you think it is. I’ve said before that everyone visiting the site has a different idea of what is right/respectful and what isn’t.

    In this instance, maybe you would have wanted to read that but I bet most Nat fans would like to hear a set report of her new film and especially one where nice things are said about Natalie. Even if another actress is bad mouthed from the same source.

    I did preface that it “might not be an accurate account of things” and that was for Scarlett’s benefit more than Natalie. Perhaps I should have made it a bit clearer that it is one person’s opinion and we’re here to talk about Natalie, not Scarlett.

    But again, I like to think that people have a certain amount of freedom to discuss and say what they want (within reason) in this section.

    It’d be very easy to take away the opinions of the staff and that of the fans and make the whole site incredibly sanitized. But I wouldn’t enjoy doing this half as much and I think most visitors would feel the same.

    NP.com – Warts and all

  • vanthemon says:

    True-dat….lot of noobs…well…i havent been on here for awhile, so if you have any big info. post it….unless its really bad…lol…later

    Ivan Milo.

  • fanatical610 says:

    Well Natalie does get her share of negativity just look at Nat’s IMDB board. But yeah it is nice to hear that she was nice on the set of TOBG.

  • Joniebonie says:

    @ exo: hell yeah ROFL

  • plop says:

    Je, je, je… no one is going to read this -except poor Dazza. Apologizes-. You see nimbuschick, i didn´t said that Scarlet was getting into her caracter, but into the Royal thing, triyng to sai royalty -behave-. I admit I don´t know anything about the boleyns -only that most women involved with Henry VIII didn´t deserve any envy- but i am sure that, if anne boleyn, or who ever was the nice part of the sisterhood, became queen, sooner or later ceased been so nice.

  • nimbuschick says:

    Unity: I think I can totally do LESS THAN six degrees to Natalie Portman from two angles

    1. I’ve given tech support to Tracey Wahlberg (She’s a secretary at my Dad’s Office)>> Who is Mark Wahlberg’s sister>> Who was in I Heart Huckabees with Dustin Hoffman>> Who is in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium with Natalie.

    2. I met Liev Schreiber and had my photo taken with him this year>> Who is dating/dated (I’m not up to date) Naomi Watts>> Who was in I Heart Huckabees with Dustin Hoffman>> Who is in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium with Natalie.


  • unity1 says:

    Nice Nimbus chick! Your first link (through Wahlberg) is especially good.

  • Garcy says:

    My friend is Hayden Christensen’s neighbour who was in Star Wars with Natalie.