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Not much in the way of Nat news this week so how about a little Boleyn gossip.

This is from the IMDB boards. Might not exactly be a fair account of things but its always nice to hear good things about Natalie’s character.

I visited the fabulous Dover Castle today and spoke to the English Heritage staff. The scene filmed there is where Anne is imprisoned in the tower (Dover Castle’s Keep looks very similar to the Tower of London in the stonework and is easier for filming) as well as her execution. I asked him how the cast were and first thing he blurted out was what a total ‘long-faced cow’ Scarlett J. was. I was quite taken aback as the strength of this feelings as he has been there for years and not too into the celebrity thing. She apparently insisted on having at least 4 women accompany her to the toilet, insisted on 2 blankets covering her shoulders between takes in the outside scenes (whilst all the other cast and extras were happy to freeze their asses off!) and basically was very unfriendly to the point of rudeness. He said Natalie P. was a fine sort and he gathered from the staff and other extras during smoke breaks she was the most popular of the 2, and that Scarlett was rather ‘hated’ on set. The execution scene (most pivotal of course) took ages to film, they redid it countless times I was told.

Might as well update the poll as well. This one is for the comments section regulars.

And here are the results of the last poll.

Whose up for another Sanjified Christmas Day?

What now? 45.98% (246 votes)

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Lame 9.16% (49 votes)

Almost half of you are confused as to who Sanjiro is. Reason enough to get him involved on the site again I would think.

Keep sending in fanart related to the holidays. It’ll all be posted on Christmas day.