New poll + Hesher results

It was quite an easy choice for the new poll. When we posted Natalie’s Rwanda remembrance video on Sunday, some people were not too thrilled about the video. To catch up on the video itself and the differing opinions, head over here. And then…


After the jump are the results of the previous poll, which have most people admitting that they’ll need a bit more info before getting too excited about the possibility of Hesher.

What do you think about Hesher?

Too hard to say at this point 39.74% (60 votes)

I’m always excited about a new project 25.17% (38 votes)

Sounds like a really interesting project 15.23% (23 votes)

Not thrilled about the title and synopsis. 15.23% (23 votes)

Hope it doesn’t see the light of day. 3.97% (6 votes)