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It’s been a really busy few days for the site with a big Oscar boost to traffic. In all the craziness, our Twitter feed has now raced past 1000 followers. On the Facebook side of things, we’re closing in on 1700 users.

If you’re new to the site, please do consider joining our ranks. Remember, a nice easy way to help the site is to like and retweet our updates.


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  • wolfldo says:

    i’m a new user and i only recently found my affinity (idk spelling) for natalie. i have always known her and been a fan of her movies like the professional and mars attacks and v for vendetta and garden state, but since i saw black swan and no strings attached i have found a new love and somewhat obsession haha. i have been checking your website everyday for the past 2 and a half months or so and i have to thank you for being so informative and always updating. it’s nice to know there will be something new everyday. i am about to turn 18 and my parents own a ballet studio in San Pedro CA and i’ve been dancing since i was 3. i’m not amazing or anything like that because its not my passion its just a hobby. but last year i performed the lead male in swan lake and did the white swan pas de deux. i love partnering and it was awesome to see such a great ballet movie. i’m also in a band called Last Day Off and we are touring schools promoting academics and will be going on a 3 month west coast tour over the summer. i have started my natalie portman collection box and plan on that being a tour neccesity from now on haha. we actually just premiered a new song called natalie last weekend and i wrote it after i saw no strings attached for the 5th time haha. well congratulations on this milestone because the site and natalie deserve it.

  • dazza says:

    Thanks for the kind comments.