I posted a few comments on Twitter earlier and I think I’m going to post the same sentiment here and on our Facebook page. I hope that this will have an effect, at least for a little while.

As I said on Twitter, I’ve been around the Natalie community for a really long time. Even back in the 90’s there were people trying to pose as Natalie. Facebook and Twitter has made it even easier to fool people. Not just fans, the new Twitter fake of note even got Debra Messing and Olivia Wilde to communicate with her/him. This just sucks in more Natalie fans who obviously want any excuse to believe that it’s her.

I know we all wish we had more of a direct line to our heroine, but she is a very private person and tweeting about her day is about as far from who Natalie is as it gets.

So by all means, take a look at @PortmanNatalie1 – her last tweet being that she’s informed her reps to authenticate her Twitter account – and roll your eyes at that sad individual.

Like all the other fakes that came before, they will disappear soon enough. And if that account is authenticated I will pack up my bags and leave.

UPDATE – @PortmanNatalie1 has been removed from Twitter. Insert shock here.