We’ve got a bumper edition of tidbits today.

– Breaking Bad (one of the best shows ever made) aired it’s second last episode on Sunday. The episode was dark as the night but there was a little Natalie related levity in the form of a Mr Magorium joke. Didn’t see that one coming.

– If this tweet is correct, Natalie is back in the UK.

– Below has some video of Natalie’s appearance at the ballet gala.

– And finally, The Playlist has an assessment of Luc Besson’s career. The Professional/Leon gets the lions share of the kudos.

Despite some of Besson’s signature quirks shining through, and the borderline inappropriate relationship between the assassin and the young girl (while there are a couple of moments in the movie that give you pause, their connection seems to be emotional more than romantic) in a lot of ways “Léon” (released as the more anonymous “The Professional” in the U.S.) represents the peak of Besson’s abilities as a filmmaker – it’s cleanly told, boldly stylized, violent, emotional and, at its core, features a powerful young woman coming to terms with that power. It epitomizes his love of foreign art films and Hollywood action movies, all in one beautifully concise package, and it might be the best Gary Oldman bad guy role ever (which is really saying something).