Natalie’s directorial debut draws ever nearer, and it looks like she’ll have an experienced hand to help her bring her vision to life. Polish cinematographer and DOP (primarily, he has also directed), Slawomir Idziak (Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix, Black Hawk Down), has signed up as the cinematographer for A Tale Of Love And Darkness. The Oscar nominated Idziak talks about his decision over here.

My Polish friend, Aleksandra, read it over and said that he talks about his excitement for the film. Saying how he doesn’t work much anymore but the project and the subject matter – that being the Amos Oz memoir – inspired him. He wants to give the film an extraordinary visual look and intends to be an “angel” on set, being very warm and kind to help the actors feel at ease.

Given Natalie’s comments in the past, I think the people who work on her films would have to follow that path. Or look elsewhere.

Here’s hoping a happy set and a fantastic film are the result.

Thanks to Nikiya and Belerofonte.