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arted on day 4!! of PORTMANIA  16!

Hosein drew a picture:


sorry this update came out so late. but I had computer problems. and laziness problems. and also Orange Is the New Black season 2 came out today.

but now i’m here with the most wonderful update EVER.

would you like to know more?



okay. I really have nothing much more to talk about. we already discussed jumping jacks and the letter n.  we all watch Beautiful Girls. is there anything else to do?!?

Rachel got to put up pictures of Natalie coming home to LA. and I GET NOTHING. I don’t do sad face things, but I’m so tempted.

well anyway. since we got nothing better to do, let’s look at the new pic Rachel posted.


alright. let’s see. Natalie is wearing sunglasses.

the guy behind her on the left is in the middle of going “WHAA?!?”

she’s not really smiling and that’s probably because she’s wearing sunglasses and can’t see the camera.

now, I know it’s in an airport. but it kind of looks like a deli. THOSE AREN’T SUITCASES. THEY ARE SANDWICH BAGS!!

also.  airport.  airportman.  airPORTMANIA!?!?!

well, what do you want for nothing?

I’ve never been on an airplane. but I’ve been to delis. so I think that counts?

we better just cut it short here, guys. cause it’s not gonna get better.

TOMORROW. I won’t be so late. I hope. and MAYBE I COULD WRITE A SONG.