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so we’re on DAY FIVE. that means after today there’s only TWO DAYS LEFT to get your PORTMANIA shopping done.  DSC_2579.tif

a new poster from Celina!

come inside and look at what I wrote. it’s gonna be about sons and cats.

YES. you clicked for more and that means I have to write MORE.  I hate you a little.

well I guess this is Natalie and Ben’s son’s birthday? is that true? if so….

Happy birthday Aleph!

i’m not sure how old he would be today.  but i’d guess two? I think???

yesterday I mentioned I’d write a song for today. out of desperation….!

Olek suggests we listen to this song by Brite Futures formally known as Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head.

and while the song is not about Natalie Portman it is about ponytails. and here’s a picture showing off Natalie’s GLAMOUR PONYTAIL.

hm. as for my song here’s what I’ve got so far….

OH Natalie

If anyone calls you fat to me

they will get a bat to the knee

and maybe a cat for free.


not sure why’d they deserve a cat

after they called you fat

and getting a violent chat

but stray animals are a problem in the world that we need to address, you must know that.


WELL? we could be dancing right now if anyone would throw down some sick beats…


anything else going on in the world? NO.  there isn’t.  IT’S JUST PORTMANIA. and you should damn well know it. when you go to chili’s tonight you ask for the PORTMAINA special.  and WINK. this should get you three dozen onion rings.

I WANT EVERYONE TO SHARE THEIR CHILI’S EXPIENECE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW.  if you don’t get those onion rings I want to damn well know about it.

and now i’ll go wait in a corner for tomorrow!  and we’ll see what can happen!!