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PORTMANIA goes all the way!

boy oh boy!  DAY 6 OF PORTMANIA 16 is HERE.

AND we get to start with TWO new pieces of artwork!

FIRST Another poster from Celina!

Portmania BlackSwanth

and Ana RETURNS with a wallpaper of 32 Natalies all laughing at US!!


Portmania (3)anath

is there anything else worth reading in this Newest of PORTMANIA updates? quite honestly, no.  but you’ll HAVE TO CLICK TO BE SURE!!


I think I did way too many jumping jacks.

let’s do it up with a NATALIE PORTMAN FACT!

Natalie Portman FACT! (WARNING: all Natalie FACTS have been made with 90% asbestos.) Natalie once drove a car off a cliff into a river. and then smoked a cigarette.

and while I think we can all agree that smoking is stupid we can also all agree that this is AWESOME.

AND EVERYONE DON’T WORRY. that picture was taken in 2005. I don’t think she smokes anymore?

so anyway this PORTMANA instead of smoking, I suggest we all EAT APPLES. It’s probably the best way to combat nicotine addiction.

moving on….  there’s only one more day until Natalie’s birthday and that means only one more day to screw things up!! what will happen?!??!