In more recent years I’ve grouped news items that previously would have been their own updates. I just don’t have the time I once did and bullet pointing items is just easier. However, this collection of tidbits is like an old school tidbits update. Each one is entirely forgettable, yet somehow curious in its own way. Enjoy?

– Good news Emporiumheads, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium is FREE to stream on ITV for the next 2 weeks. You have to register and free is probably still too expensive for that film but hey, Natalie was rocking the short boy cut so at least there’s that. Thanks to Amo.

– If you don’t know the band Spoon, head to Spotify ASAP. Definitely one of the more consistently good bands of the last couple decades. They have a new album out and take a pretty fun jab at Garden State in the track Outlier.

– Sticking with the audio topic, The BS Report podcast tackled actors and actresses who could have been romantic comedy superstars. Natalie gets a funny mention from 59:30 onwards, but they dismiss her case pretty quickly, which is fair enough.