Jane Got A Meh

Jane Got A Gun, the Natalie film with the most disastrous of productions, is a film that’s still a big old question mark, with basically no official materials to indicate that the film even exists. Well it does and lightscamerareaction spoke to an Awards Daily member who managed to catch a screening. We’ve had a screening review before, which called the film dull (although Natalie got praise). This latest review? Dull and no praise.

I know typically I don’t read much about the movies coming up soon, but I guess I just didn’t care enough about this one when it was first announced, so I’ve been following the disaster of the making of it. So I felt that I sort of had to go to the test screening.

Well, the movie wasn’t that great. It just seemed pretty bland to me. The movie opens and closes with a narration (that doesn’t need to even be there) claiming that Jane is a legend and heroic and has been talked about all the time, but really, her character doesn’t do much in the movie that’s so legendary or heroic. So pretty much the title “Jane Got a Gun” is misleading. Yes, she gets a gun, and yes she does shoot some people, but really, I was at least expecting some kind of Johnny Guitar heroism, or hell, even Sharon Stone Quick and the Dead. Maybe have some horse chases through the desert or fights in the canyon or bank robbery, or something like that, but instead it’s basically her and two guys stuck at her house preparing for the bad guys to come.

The acting was fine, but nothing special. And Natalie didn’t really do anything amazing. In fact, there’s a moment in the movie that’s supposed be really dramatic where she cries out, but I couldn’t help but find it kind of laughable because it was sort of a delayed cry. I guess I haven’t followed the making of it lately or just completely forgot, but I guess I’ve gotta give props to Ewan McGregor, because I didn’t realize it was even him in the movie until I had to fill out the questionaire at the end of the movie and his name was listed. He wasn’t great or anything, but I guess I was just surprised to find out it was him. And you can tell who’s good and who’s bad based on the color of their teeth. Natalie in particular could’ve been doing an ad for a toothpaste commercial. The villains in the movie are searching for her most of the time. Well, if she doesn’t keep her mouth closed, those pearly whites are gonna give away her location from miles away.

But really, this wasn’t anything great. Things were predictable, a pretty poor script, and not nearly as much action/suspense as there could have been. I’d probably give this a 4/10 or 5/10, something like that. It’s an average.

Let me know if you wanna know anything else.