Jane Might Use Gun On Herself

The Natalie film with the most tortured production, continues to stumble. The February release is no more, instead it is now moving to September 4th…wait, didn’t it have a September release last year? Yup. I felt that release was a good fit and the move to February felt like conceding that it wasn’t going to do well at the box office. So what does it mean that they’ve moved it back to September? Here are a few of my suggestions, feel free to suggest your own.

a) They still don’t know what to do with it.
b) There is some kind of legal hangup delaying things.
c) They’re hoping to ride on the coattails of another, more successful, Natalie film.
d) They’re afraid that it’s release into theatres would bring about the end of days.

Thanks to Belerofonte, Narkel and Juan.