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By March 15, 2015Nat-news

It’s time for a new poll and more out of hope than anything, I wanted to look to Natalie’s next film project. There must be something on the way…surely.

As for our very straight forward poll about Natalie’s Oscar after party look, the appearance got a huge approval from Natalie fans as you’ll see below.



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  • Belerofonte says:

    Whatever, but something new and different 🙂

    The important thing is to make a film with an interesting history, a good character o play, and a great director behind the camera.

    Personally, as a fan of the genre, I would like to see her someday in a serios sci-fi film. Something like Ex-machina, for example…

  • william says:

    bring Mathilda back

  • Adonis says:

    You mean surely with a sequel of “Leon”, right?

  • william says:

    you got it right Adonis