Day FIVE of PORTMANIA 17 is today!


Quesse made this wallpaper! he’s attended PORTMANIA every year. more or less. there was that one time we had to change venues to be cheaper and, like a lot of people, he skipped out that year. but anyway I can excuse his mix-up of how many PORTMANIA’S there have been. and who can blame him? there’s 17 of them for crying out loud.

but enough of that. he calls his piece “PORTMANIA Submission #1”. WHICH I hope means there’ll be a #2!! because we have nothing ELSE!!!!!

OH MY GOSH. I remember brushing my teeth this morning but I can’t remember if I flossed or not.

I probably didn’t.

Today’s PORTMANIA is brought to you by the letter B



The Other Boleyn Girl came out in 2008 and I didn’t see it. it’s based on a book I didn’t read. BUT ALSO HISTORICAL FACT!

on the IMDb page it says that Kiera Knightley was up for the role of Anne Boleyn and passed on it so they got Natalie Portman, which to me sounds sort of backwards to the way it usually works. but that might be mean to Kiera Knightley and I really have no reason to be. so I’M SORRY.


I think this movie wasn’t the biggest box office success because of the title. people saw that and thought “why would I care about a girl going Bowling!?!? and there’s apparently two of them?!! and THIS is the OTHER ONE!!!” not much of a movie. it should have been called “Sisters dating a DUDE”

or “Boleyn Heads Be Rollin Heads”?

or even “Let’s Go Boleyn!”

I don’t know.

that’s gonna be it for this PORTMANIA update. I do want to thank Ana and Quesse for sending stuff in because no one else really has so far. and I need stuff.

and I need you now tonight.

and I need you more than ever
and if you only hold me tight
we’ll be holding on forever
and we’ll only be making it right
cause we’ll never be wrong together
we can take it to the end of the line
your love is like a shadow on me all of the time
I don’t know what to do and I’m always in the dark
we’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks

once upon a time i was falling in love
now i’m only falling apart
nothing i can do a total eclipse of the heart

sorry. I got emotional there. every now and then I fall apart. but! turn around bright eyes! TOMORROW maybe somebody will send something they made in? maybe ? MAYBE?!?!??!


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