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It’s a PORTMANIA thing

Parents just don’t understand!

PORTMANIA Day 2 is HERE. We’ve now had 20 PORTMANIA Day 2s!

Today’s Day 2 is going to be about NEVER DOUBTING YOURSELF!

NEVER DOUBT! unless you doubt you could survive jumping in front of a train. you should probably doubt that. and other stuff too. Maybe Doubting is GOOD!

New Lesson of the day: DOUBT YOURSELF SOMETIMES. But Not Always! You’ll figure it out!

Now let’s go back to the PORTMANIA PAST!

It was 16 years ago when Natalie was 21 and she looked around at the world and decided “I want 26 hamsters RIGHT NOW!”

not sure what was going on in her life right then, but she knew what she wanted.

“But Natalie!” Her friends yelled, “You can’t possibly take care of 26 hamsters right now!”

Natalie thought about this and agreed. “Fine. Then I want to wear MITTENS on my FEET!”

and she did.

The point of the story is i have no point to the story. and mittens are not practical footwear. and that’s why someone made THESE:

Now THAT is a good PORTMANIA gift! This is the best DAY 2 EVER!

There’s other stories i could tell, too. Like 12 years ago when Natalie was 25 and she drank a glass of water!

That’s a good one. She drank the whole thing!

That’s it for DAY 2! TOMORROW will be, if numerology is at all to be trusted, DAY 3! DON’T BE LATE!