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Celebrate PORTMANIA!

it’s the never right, always late, slightly boring, no good very bad PORTMANIA! DAY 3! and Guess what that means! 6981!

The DAY of BIRTH of the Star of PORTMANIA 21 is HERE! 38 years ago Natalie Portman was born! we’re pretty sure this happened. and we’re pretty sure today is the DAY!


Let’s get to it!

So how do we celebrate Today? By dancing! but Be WARNED! I would get dressed for this if you’re not already. I think naked dancing is paganism or something.

once you’re fully dressed and dancing, you need to stay hydrated, so drink plenty of water!

and if you’re drinking water you might as well be eating pretzels. That way if someone asks you why you’re drinking so much water and you’re too embarrassed to say it’s because you’re dancing fully-clothed to celebrate the 38th birthday of an actress you like, you can say it’s because you’re so thirsty from all these damn pretzels!

NOW, they might ask you if they can have a pretzel. that’s up to you if you want to share. they may expect water to come with it. and they may also come up with the unrealistic expectation that whenever they see you, you will be providing pretzels and water and entertainment of fully clothed, regular, not for a celebrity, dancing!

Moving on…

Not only is it Natalie’s birthday, but It’s also everyone’s birthday that Natalie has ever known. like her Mom (Mom) and husband (Benjamin) and son (Aleph) and Michael J. Fox (Marty)!

Michael J. Fox is exactly 20 years older than Natalie Portman. He starred in the film Doc Hollywood. and he was arrested for impersonating Natalie at a roller derby.

To be honest, her husband’s birthday is tomorrow and her son’s is next week. but they’re CLOSE ENOUGH!

Here’s some facts from Michael J. Fox’s IMDb page:

Michael J. Fox was born Michael Andrew Fox on June 9, 1961 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to Phyllis Fox (née Piper), a payroll clerk, and William Fox. His parents moved their 10-year-old son, his three sisters, Kelli Fox, Karen, and Jacki, and his brother Steven, to Vancouver, British Columbia, after his father, a sergeant in the Canadian Army Signal Corps, retired.

Plus, Natalie is really pretty?

That’s kind of it.

Sorry, dog!

Life? Don’t talk to me about life.

BUT we made it! Three days of PORTMANIA!!

Another PORTMANIA down the drain! thanks everybody! I couldn’t have done it without you! And thanks Natalie Portman for being born and then telling everyone about it! Next year we’ll have more Frogs and Dogs and Bears and Chickens and Whatever!

and stay tuned for more Natalie Portman News and Pictures and Things? THROUGHOUT THE YEAR here at!!