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The Cold Mountain update

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Hey all I've had a great start to 2004 although the cynic in me keeps waiting for the approaching thunder clouds. I hope your skies are just as clear as…

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Sick update

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Hiya This'll be the first big update of the new year as it's time to clear up my inbox. Oh, and apparently it's also my job. So here we go...…

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Ready for 2004?

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And on the eleventh day of Christmas, gave to me... Some nice new pictures! First off, we have a really nice PR photo of Nat as Padme. It was…

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Natalie still has no idea

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And on the tenth day of Christmas, gave to me... Natalie on Entertainment Tonight, still not having a clue what do with the rest of her life. Join the…

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Nat on ET

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Hey all A ton of you emailed me to say that Natalie is going to be on ET tonight, talking about Cold Mountain. The site also has, what I assume…

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Welcome to 2004

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Hey all A quick update but a good one. Samantha sent me the following very important info: LIFETIME'S NEW YEAR'S DAY CELEBRATION Thursday, January 1 at 1 pm et/pt Sit…

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Die, 2003, Die!

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Hey all I hope you all get what you wish for in 2004, and even things that you wouldn't dream of wishing for. And I think 2004 is going to…

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