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  It wouldn't be the weekend without tidbits...okay, that's patently false but let's just run with that anyway. - Natalie may be attending the Krakow Film Spring Open this weekend,…

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Video Roundup

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There were a bunch of videos from TIFF that I haven’t had a chance to post yet. That is until now.

Let’s begin with Natalie’s speech before the screening of A Tale of Love and Darkness. It starts off a bit blown out but the focus does improve.

Here we have just a portion of the speech, but it’s a close up and clear image of Natalie.


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  Natalie attending the premiere of her feature directorial debut, A Tale of Love and Darkness at TIFF last night. She wore Lanvin and I've set up a temp album…

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Bumper Tidbits

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  Argh, struggling to keep up with Rachel AWOL and work stacking up, so let's do a post that merges a bunch of items that could very well have made…

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ATOLAD Tidbits

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  Let's kick off the week with a few A Tale of Love and Darkness news items. - Tablet have a really nice write up of the film's premiere in…

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Two Interviews From ATOLAD Premiere

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  Two interviews have emerged from Natalie's appearance in Israel for the premiere of A Tale of Love and Darkness and she gives some very thoughtful answers about both the…

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TOLAD In Jerusalem

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  Natalie's writing and directorial debut, A Tale of Love and Darkness, had its big premiere in Jerusalem last night. Sporting a rather uncomfortable looking "Love" necklace, she met Israeli…

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TOLAD Is Heading To TIFF

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  As we thought, with Natalie already heading to the Toronto International Film Festival it was always likely there might be another reason to attend. Confirmation arrived today that her…

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