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Tidbits keeping this show (barely) on the road!

– The Playlist published a retrospective of Wong Kar-Wai’s films, which of course includes the much maligned My Blueberry Nights. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing this film again as I have a rather vague memory of it at this point. The Playlist were fairly kind, although they did not enjoy what Natalie brought to her role.

But the miscast Natalie Portman never convinces as a sassy, free-spirited (and crucial third-act) gambler in Nevada who helps Elizabeth find her way spiritually.

– Novelist Brice Wagner on acting in a party scene for Malick’s Knight of Cups at the 1:13:00 mark on the Bret Easton Ellis podcast. A really fun listen that is worth checking out.

– Finally, Belerofonte found this amazing poster by Nan Lawson for a Wes Anderson inspired art exhibition. Freakin’ love it.


Malick Tidbits

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As we patiently wait for some festival and release news for Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups, along with a trailer for Weightless (or whatever it will be called next), I have a few smaller news items courtesy of One Big Soul.

– The news that might actually lead to more news, in the form of reviews, is that Knight of Cups will be playing at the Jerusalem Film Festival on the 15th and 16th.

– Next up are some thoughts from Cate Blanchett, who is also in both of the Malick films. This is what she had to say about her experience of the man.

This is a director who has a particular universe. The experience was brief and mysterious, completely rooted in the present moment, a life in suspension, as he described it. After the end of the film remains a mystery and the story is very allusive. And then you have to adjust to the idea of ​​not having any certainty to be in the final cut.

– With a more negative take on the Malick method, here is Kevin Corrigan’s experience.

I worked with Terrence Malick on a film two years ago, and it’s Terrence Malick! He was trying to reinvent the wheel right in the middle of take and it was a little frustrating. He’s kind of whimsical that way. The guy’s a legend, he can do whatever he wants and he does seem to do whatever he wants. Things aren’t nailed down at all. The movie is truly like this living thing, you don’t know where it’s going to go or what’s going to happen. That can be kind of frustrating when you’ve spent all night memorizing lines and then the lines end up not mattering all that much. I like for there to be form. I like for there to be organization.


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Natalie news has died down a bit so let’s shuffle through another bag and pull out a couple mini news items.

– Natalie will be hosting a PBS airing gala (July 24th) celebrating composer John Williams.

– Lightscamerareaction reports a couple Malick-y items from Awards Watch. The first being a potential scoop that plans are afoot to play Knight of Cups and “Weightless” together at festivals. The other is a review of Natalie’s Knight of Cup performance which goes something like, “he looks lovely and smiles a lot and then looks crushed and lost and that’s kinda it.”

Doesn’t that sound amazing!

Knight of Cups Photos

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The awesome One Big Soul has exclusive photos from the set of Knight of Cups. They have over a dozen shots but I’ve just nabbed the three that contain Natalie. Click the thumb below to take a look.


Interview Round-up

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Okay, let’s try and chip away at some of the outstanding Natalie content.

This Deadline interview has some great insight into TOLAD, Natalie admitting that she’s got a very busy period of acting coming up, and this interesting quote about producing.

It’s more about being able to create things for myself. It’s complicated when you’re just an actor, you’re subject to waiting for something good and for someone interesting to offer you something interesting. I’ve worked long enough to know there are certain waves and periods you don’t have the opportunities you’d like to so it really was born out of that. I am hoping to create things I’d be interested in, and makes me less passive in the process. I don’t believe my job as producer is to control. I have strong beliefs in the authority and leadership of the director. I really believe in the importance of that hierarchy.

This Variety interview has some talk of her new projects (Planetarium is up first and will be, at least in part, in French) and talk of the directors who helped her along the way.

Darren Aronofsky was great about reminding me to remember my reason for making it throughout the entire process, which was really helpful to always have the voice I had [from the beginning]. Terry Malick was very supportive, reminding me not to listen to anyone who was trying to make it more conventional. He said, “Don’t listen to people who tell you to have a three-act structure.” And Mike Nichols was very supportive. I had my dream team of people I was calling and asking for help.

Read More


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It’s time for another batch of mini news items.

– Here is a video for film geeks (like me), featuring the color grader on Knight of Cups talking about his experience working on the film.

– Lee pointed out the awesome artwork for the Leon Steelseries Bluray. It is a limited edition and if you click the thumbnail below and order, you’ll be helping out the site by giving us a small referral fee.

– Finally, Benjamin will be joining Natalie at Cannes as he is creating an Alfred Hitchcock inspired piece for the opening.

One Big Return

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The great Terrence Malick Facebook fan group, One Big Soul, disappeared recently. This was a real shame because they provide great insight and access – being the first (if memory serves) to break the title news for Weightless.

Well, the disappearance wasn’t protracted. They are back with a new group and some new material along with it. Below is a posting of Natalie on stage at the The Seventh Fire Q7A at Berlinale.


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Apologies for the radio silence. In part due to a hectic few days and also due to the quiet on the Natalie front. I’m hoping we’ll have some good Cannes news this week but until then…tidbits!

– The Avengers: Age of Ultron junior novel (the what now?!?!) has a semi-spoiler relating to Natalie. If you want to know whether Thor and Jane are still together, head over here.

– The awesomely named Tanner Beard is a producer on Knight of Cups and this interview has a this excitable quote about first viewing footage from the film.

We’re out in this outdoor park, this cool place in Austin, and everyone’s drinking their fancy beers and everything, and she hands me these headphones.

So I put them on and she opens her laptop, and she’s like, “You are maybe only one of four people who is going to see this.” And I was like, “Oh, shit.” So I got to see a little cut of five or six minutes of Knights of Cups of where it was at the time. And I just remember watching it, and [thinking], “I can’t believe I get to be a part of this film.” You know what I mean? Because somehow Terrence Malick made the 405 look beautiful. It was just so cool.

– Finally, speaking of Malick, the OTHER Natalie-Malick collaboration (the music scene film with Ryan Gosling) looks as though it is definitely called Weightless.

Thanks to Lightscamerareaction and Belerofonte.

Bigger KoC

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Belerofonte has found a link to an 1080p version of the Knight of Cups trailer. Download the zip file, extract the trailer and enjoy!

This also means we’ve added some sharper screen grabs to the gallery, like this previously blurry shot of Natalie on the beach.

Natalie Portman on the beach in Knight of Cups

Cannes Tale Make It?

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Cannes is rapidly approaching once again and the tea leaves are coming up A Tale of Love and Darkness, Natalie’s feature directorial debut.

Variety feels that the film has a good chance to feature in the Un Certain Regard competition, which generally focuses on more daring and original works for all over the world. No mention of either of the Malick films.

Elsewhere, Natalie Portman’s feature directing debut, the Jerusalem-shot drama “A Tale of Love and Darkness,” could be headed for a slot in Un Certain Regard.

Hollywood Elsewhere’s Jeff Wells has compiled his own list and Tale lands in 8th spot with this little write-up.

(8) Natalie Portman‘s A Tale of Love and Darkness — Dramatization of true story of Israeli writer Amos Oz growing up in Jerusalem during the 1940s and ’50s…okay, maybe but clearly not a triple, especially with that overbearing title;

I was leaning towards the Malick film, Weightless, due to the music scene and how long it has been in the oven, with Tale maybe peeking out at Venice later in the year, but now I think I’m coming around. It would be such a thrill for Natalie to be at Cannes for her own film.


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First it was Lawless. Then it was merely Untitled. More recently it was being called Project V. But now the second of Natalie’s Terrence Malick films has a title, and that title is…


Here is some visual confirmation by way of credits of the sound editor.


A big thanks to Adela and One Big Soul: An Oral History Of Terrence Malick.


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A little of this. A little of that. That’s what it’s all about.

– Let’s begin with The Playlist’s new list of Cannes hopefuls. The other Terrence Malick film, Project V/Untitled, makes their list of 20 although they don’t sound too optimistic about it.

Given that he once went two decades between features, the idea of two Terrence Malick films premiering within four months seems patently absurd. But though a longshot, it’s feasible that “Knight Of Cups”’s Berlin bow could be followed by a trip to Cannes for its untitled follow-up, once titled “Lawless” and which was shot back-to-back with the other film (with which it may or may not be sharing characters; Bale and Blanchett, among others, shot scenes for both). Malick only just finished the film and also has IMAX documentary “Voyage Of Time” on his slate, so who knows what state this project is in. But if it is done, then you know Cannes would clear their schedule to screen it. This is definitely one of the wishlistier possibilities, but it’s not impossible.

– They have also speculated about the films that could be in the next Oscar race, and reckon that Knight of Cups could have an outside shot. They site strong reviews, which is weird considering they were largely lukewarm at best. This could change when released stateside but for now I reckon it’s a massive long-shot.

– Finally, a couple of Euro magazine sightings for Natalie. The images are not new and I’d imagine the same could be said for the articles, but nevertheless…

Natalie on Nouveau from The Netherlands
Natalie in Grazia from Italy

Thanks to Isadora and Dario.


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It’s all back to the quiet life in Natalieland right now. I’ve got a few mini news items that I’ve been saving for a rainy day so grab your umbrellas cos here they come.

– First up, the good news that the Untitled Malick film, also referred to as Project V, is in the can. Hopefully some news and a trailer won’t be far off.

– Next up, we mentioned previously that Natalie would be on the board for Geena Davis’ new film festival. In the video below Geena talks about the festival and Natalie makes a brief appearance as a disembodied head.

– Finally, I don’t think I ever posted this video of Natalie from the Vanity Fair Oscar after party. In it Natalie tries to keep her dress off the floor while chatting to Jane Fonda and Conan O’Brien.

Thanks to Belerofonte and Adela.


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Busyyyy day so just wanted to get out a couple mini news items for you guys to chew on.

– First up, here is the entire press release from the company that has landed the US rights to Knight of Cups and Project V/Untitled. The good news is that Natalie is definitely in the second film as well and receives 4th billing, after Gosling, Mara, and Fassbender.

– Then let me finally post about the Madame Figaro interview, which came out a couple weeks ago. You’ll have to right click and translate to English, but it will be worth it because there are a few nice quotes in there. I particularly liked Natalie’s response to whether she feels more like a “miss” or a “mrs”.

I prefer the US middle Ms. (pronounced miz, Ed ), more neutral, which is attributed to a woman regardless of marital status. I do not believe that to marry someone, to have a family or reaching a particular age you really change, overnight. Immaturity does not fly at once! This was made ​​for me over new roles, new responsibilities, new interests. I feel like I am constantly in the heart of a cycle. An evolution of every minute of every day, almost every mood! But often you realize the change in how others perceive you.

KoC Reviews

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We’ve got a couple more Knight of Cups reviews for you today. Despite several strongly positive reactions on Twitter, it hasn’t really translated into many raves from the critics. The reviews below don’t change that unfortunately.

Anne Thompson found some aspects to admire but was lukewarm at best.

Like “Tree of Life,” it’s best to let the film wash over you and enjoy Lubezki’s gorgeous images such as mist rolling over a hillside and various inventive underwater perspectives. But a lot of them are shallow views of a banal life, and offer a male gaze on the female form in many lovely guises. Not a new narrative, this.

Indiewire liked it a lot more, giving the film a B rating, but there were still a lot of shots fired.

Eventually, “Knight of Cups” finds some respite for the beleaguered Rick when he meets a more supportive woman (Natalie Portman) who ultimately provides him with the salvation he seeks. However, their courtship hardly registers as more than an ethereal snapshot of burgeoning romance. Despite the uplifting atmosphere surrounding the movie’s final act, “Knight of Cups” foregrounds Malick’s fetishistic obsession with small moments at the expense of lasting emotion.

New Poll + Red Carpet Results

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With the mixed reviews for Knight of Cups combined with the news that Natalie is probably only in the film for 10 minutes (although it sounds like her time on screen leaves a strong impression) I thought it was a good time to do another pulse check for the film in the form of a new poll.

As for the red carpet appearance, woah, it doesn’t get a lot more positive than these results.


Berlinale Interview

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Now that news is finally cooling down I can bring your attention to this Natalie interview from Berlinale. There aren’t any earth shattering revelations, but I really enjoyed all of the answers. The topics cover working with Malick a lot, how they first met a decade ago, his influence on shooting Natalie’s own A Tale of Love and Darkness, and what success and failure means to her.

But below I’m quoting the passage about her time off from acting, because it has a seemingly happy ending for us fans.

“When you have a kid and you’re an actor you are kind of forced into a long break. I was showing from day one. There was no way I was able to work when I was pregnant. You’re basically off for a year and I chose to take more time off to be with my family. It ended up being two years that I didn’t act. It was obviously a magical time in my life. But it also was good because it gave me a hunger to come back and an excitement. Renewed energy for why I want to make things and how I want to make things.”


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Once more just an attempt to keep up with all the Natalie news flying about. There is still lots lots lots more to come this week.

– Another Knight of Cups review has arrived and it’s 4 out of 5 stars but I’m mentioning it because the writer considers Frida Pinto and Natalie’s scenes to be the most moving in the film.

– You can see Natalie’s arrival to last night’s Shooting Stars event on the Berlinale site. Natalie arrives at the 2:30 mark.

– The AskMen Top Outstanding Women poll (is it me or did they rebrand this poll to make it less meathead-y?) is up and you can vote for Natalie in the Star Performer section. It’s lucky Annie Clark isn’t there as I would have been torn.

– Finally, here is the full Knight of Cups press conference from Berlinale.

Thanks to Garcy, Belerofonte, Jess, and Lightscamerareaction.

Mega Tidbits

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Was the weekend fun or what? I can’t even remember the last time we had so much great Natalie news in the space of a week. There is still a lot of extra news to cover so here are a selection of news items that slipped through the cracks.

– The fantastic news, if true, was via a poster on the Awards Watch forums who was working at Berlinale and discovered that Natalie had a third reason to attend the festival – A Tale of Love and Darkness.

Also tidbits I’ve heard from working here… People Im working with seem very excited about A Tale of Love and Darkness. Think it’s a very beautiful film and that Natalie shows she is a real filmmaker to be reckoned with. Expect this at Cannes.

I saw the promo video btw – I wasn’t incredibly impressed by it (a little schmaltzy tbh) but it all looks very beautiful – I definitely have a sense of some Malick in there – and Natalie looks luminous.

– If you didn’t get a chance to watch the live stream of the press conference and weren’t able to follow my live tweets you’ll definitely want to view the highlights below. As a bonus, you’ll also want to see the cringe worthy moment where one journalist directs a question to the director and of course Terrence Malick, being somewhat of a reclusive, is not there.

– The Playlist has a thorough list of all the music used in the film, including streaming links on the second page.

– Finally, Knight of Cups has been picked up for distribution along with the OTHER Terrence Malick/Natalie film Project V/Untitled.

Knight of Cup Reviews

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The reviews have started to land for Knight of Cups and while there were some wildly praise worthy tweets initially…

Mikko Pihkoluoma ‏@MikkoPihkoluoma 50 sför 51 sekunder sedan Visa översättning
Knight of Cups. If there was a movie about LA I wanted to see this was pretty much it. Surprised by how much I loved it. Very Tree of Life.

Gabriele Capolino ‏@gabrielecapo 2 minför 2 minuter sedan Visa översättning
Knight of Cups: sort of a definitive L.A. movie, ‘plotless’, works straight on emotions. We are fragments. Love/hate it, I love #Berlinale

Karsten Meinich ‏@KarstenM 1 minför 1 minut sedan Visa översättning
Terrence Malick goes completely into a Godardian essayism with KNIGHT OF CUPS – an emotional and terrifying world of phantoms and imagery.

Dana Knight ‏@DanaisKnight 2 minför 2 minuter sedan Berlin, Deutschland Visa översättning
#KnightOfCups a wonderfully cinematic deeply philosophical deeply moving film-poem

…but the reviews that have landed are, while more positive than not, aren’t as over the top with praise. It sounds like it’s typical Malick fare, which is potentially great if you love his work but not likely to win over many new fans. It also sounds like Natalie’s role, and really all the roles beyond Bale, is a lot smaller than we had hoped.

The Telegraph – 3 stars “a director running on empty”
The Playlist – B “In moments like these it feels like Malick is doing something new, in amongst so much that is very familiar.”
THR – “The upshot is a certain tedium and repetitiveness along with the rhythmic niceties and imaginative riffs.”
Variety – “there’s no denying this star-studded, never-a-dull-moment cinematic oddity represents another flawed but fascinating reframing of man’s place in the modern world”

Thanks to Belerofonte and Lightscamerareaction.