Thor: The Dark World

More Thor

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We’ve updated the gallery with a few more new-old Thor: The Dark World production stills. Thanks to Kitten for the finds. Two more can be found after the jump.


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Thor: The Dark World BTS

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  We've updated the gallery with some Thor: The Dark World costume test photos and behind-the-scenes snapshots of Natalie with costar Chris Hemsworth and makeup artist Eileen Kastner Delago on…

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New Poll + Dior Mag Results

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  Time for a new poll and I've decided to make it about the Thor 2 deleted scene. I've already said how much I liked it (until a certain point)…

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Deleted Thor 2 scene

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  As this clip begun I was already writing a joke in my head about Natalie's Jane and her perpetual sleepiness in Thor: The Dark World, but the scene is…

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Thor Tidbits

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  We have quite a few Thor related news items so I've decided to put them all together for a new hammer themed edition of tidbits. - We start with…

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Thor: The Dark World

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  So, having finally caught up with Thor 2 I thought I'd give a few comments. Not many mind, because there's not much to say. I've maintained that the problem…

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  Man, news has been so scarce we've hardly even had mini news items for a tidbits update. Well, times they are a-changin', because we've finally got enough for an…

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Natalie in Berlin

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  Photographer Phuc Tran has posted two new photos of Natalie signing autographs during the Thor: The Dark World Germany premiere arrivals at CineStar in Berlin last year. Hit the…

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