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News has suddenly dried up and may be quiet until A Tale Of Love And Darkness kicks into gear early next year. I’m hoping some Jane Got A Gun or Malick images/posters/trailers may find their way online before the end of the year, but who knows. In the meantime…tidbits!

– Let’s start with a new Natalie interview out of France. It includes further confirmation that A Tale Of Love And Darkness will be in Hebrew, that In The Garden Of Beasts still might happen but Natalie jokes that soon she’ll be too old for the role, that she now has an agent in France (in preparation for the move) and there’s even a hopeful mention of Leon 2.

– Thor: The Dark World has passed the $500 million mark worldwide. Cha-ching!

– Finally, really enjoyed the gender switch on this fanart. Just sorry I lost the name of the artist.


Thanks to Fanatical and Maribel.


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Just a few odds and ends for today. Nothing that will change the world. Or will it? No, it won’t.

– Let’s start with the good news, for the bean counters at Marvel, that Thor 2 has already passed the first film’s total box office. Some numbers for you…

The film made $38 million this weekend in North America. Just a 55% drop from the opening weekend, which is pretty good. That takes it to $147 million and combined with the international, the film is now at $480 million. The first film managed $450 million total.

– Next up is a very sneaky shot of Natalie and Benjamin from Paris a few days ago. I would have probably done the same thing so I can’t really cast too much judgement.


– Finally, a comic strip depiction of the artists meeting of Natalie. What stood out for me is how honest he is about it. see for yourself.

New Poll + Thor Opening Results

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Time for a new poll and I thought the news of Natalie returning to her dark roots, literally, was a worthy subject.

As for the previous poll, it shows there was definite enthusiasm by you guys for the new Thor film. I’m wondering when I’ll get a chance to see it myself, hopefully before it leaves theatres.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 4.02.54 PM


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Things will be quietening down now but hey, it was fun while it lasted, huh? 😛

On to today’s tidbits…

– Thor: The Dark World ended up with $82 million from it’s North American debut, around a 30% bump from the first film. It’s the 4th biggest opening of the year and the film is already at $330 million internationally. So a big financial success, however our own talkback thread has just one comment, which makes me think it’s very much another decent time to pass while munching popcorn but once it’s over there’s not much else to chew on.

The Playlist at least have some thoughts and have put together a list of the things that they loved about the film and the things that bothered them. If you haven’t seen the film yet, tread carefully.

– Finally, Kitten almost gave me a heart attack with this find. A spoof Twitter argument between Natalie and Lynne Ramsay using our Twitter account. For half a second I thought our account had been hacked 😛

– Finally, here is Natalie asking some rather lame and repetitive questions at the Thor screening in New York.

Thor Talkback

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Thor: The Dark World is now widely available, so I thought I’d create a comments thread where you guys can leave your thoughts about the film and Natalie. Spoilers are fine but please warn before you talk about any important plot details/surprises.

As for the box office, it looks as though it made around $30 million from Thursday night and Friday, so an opening weekend of $90 million looks about right. Not amazing but very solid and a big jump from the first film’s numbers. Dave Poland has an interesting analysis of the Marvel business plan, which he thinks is not as spectacular as many think.


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You know the drill!

– Thor: The Dark World opens in North America today and while the film has been doing really well commercially, the early positive reviews have given way to a lot more negativity. Over on RT the film is at 67% positive with a 6.2 average rating. Basically the definition of average. I hope that those of you who see the film this weekend have a much more enjoyable experience.

– A new interview with Natalie has the regular Thor questions but what grabbed me was the Malick stuff.

You’re going to be in one or more of Terrence Malick’s upcoming movies. Do you have any idea if you’re going to make the cut? And what was it like working with him?
I have absolutely no idea where those are in the process. All I know is that they’re editing right now. But I have no idea when they’re coming out. And working with him was incredible. He’s a great, great, great man and really had a lot of impact on me in terms of what filmmaking could be.

So, if you got cut completely you wouldn’t care?
Anything he feels is right for the story, I’m thrilled with. The experience had such a great impact on me and that is what I’ll take away.

– Nylon Magazine is celebrating the Thor’s release by re-releasing the feature she did for the magazine in 2001. Always really liked the cover they used, for some reason it stands out.


Thanks to Kitten and Fanatical.

Thor 2 NYC Screening

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Though she was a no-show at the big L.A. premiere, Natalie attended a special screening of Thor: The Dark World hosted by The Cinema Society And Dior Beauty at 79 Crosby Street, followed by an after party at The Marlton in New York City last night. Like Kitten, I’m loving the darker hair, but the unflattering Dior top is sort of baffling…


Photos courtesy of JustJared. I’ll be adding a lot more later on, so check back in a few hours.


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Another good batch of mini news items to chew on…

– Collider has an interview with Thor: The Dark World director, Alan Taylor, in which he talks about a lot of Jane scenes being cut. A lot of reviews have suggested that it felt like there was a lot more of the Jane story that didn’t make it. The good news is that this footage will make the DVD/BD release as extras.

– Collider also report on a poster for the film in Shanghai that loses Natalie but gains in the lolz.


– Wondering where Natalie was while the US premiere of Thor was going down? Possibly back in Israel if this instagram pic from Benjamin is any indication. Thanks to Keith.

Hit the jump for a couple new interview videos…

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Big week coming up but we have a few more smaller news items to get through first. Starting with…

– Natalie was on a German TV show and the name just rolls off the tongue – SAT1 Frühstücksfernsehen. Yet again you have to strain to hear the English underneath the German, but give it a look.

– Natalie was also on The Project in Australia…although see if you have better luck getting the video to play.

– The US premiere of Thor was last night and EVERYONE was there. Except Natalie. A bit strange but I guess she’s hit enough red carpets for the film already. Or maybe she saw Jamie Alexander’s dress and figured there’s no way she’s going to try and compete with that 😛

Thanks to Celina, Kerstin, Angelina, Nick and Maribel.


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Have a little window to catch you guys up on some Natalie news items so let’s get straight to it…

– Thor’s hammer will be even harder than normal today. The sequel opened to a spectacular $110 million this weekend. I’m sure that puts a lot less pressure on the North American opening this Friday.

– Steven loves cinema. And probably himself too, given that the title of his German TV show is about him. In any case, we’re grateful to Steven because he interviewed Natalie for Thor: The Dark World and we can view the result below.

And if you want more Steven in your life, here is a bonus photo from the interview.

– Finally, yet another Thor TV spot has arrived. This one features some critic pull quotes.

Thanks to Kitten and Maribel.

Natalie On Fallon And More Tidbits

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Before we get to the other tidbits, the great news that Natalie will be appearing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Friday the 8th. I might not be tearing my hair out in anticipation for Thor: The Dark World, but I have to admit that the appearances, premieres, magazine covers…all that good stuff has definitely made it worthwhile, regardless of what happens with the film.

Onto the tidbits…

– Staying on Thor, the reviews continue to be quite positive as the 84% on RT would attest. Although the average rating of 6.6 still shows that there aren’t many positive raves. I liked this review from Devin Faraci, who was not a huge admirer of the first film. Here’s a pull quote about Natalie…

Reports that Natalie Portman wasn’t psyched about returning as Jane Foster be damned, she’s really doing a great job here in a role that could be fainting damsel in distress but transcends that.

– One more Thor tidbit – the film opened in some European territories this week and the opening is stronger than the first film. All looking good on the business side as well.

– Finally, thanks to Fiona for sending in a cover scan from the Australia edition of Elle.


New Thor 2 Stills

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ComicBookMovie.com have posted 40 new (and possibly spoiler-y) hi-res still frames from Thor: The Dark World. Six of them feature Natalie’s Jane Foster and have been added to our gallery. Thanks to Kitten!

Hit the jump for a tweet from the proud creators of Jane’s hair cape.

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Couple more mini news items while Natalie, possibly, heads back to the states for the US leg of Thor promotion.

– We start with Natalie interviewed on French radio. She replies in French at one point and generally seems to follow along pretty well. Personally I’ve found her explanations about her level of French to be consistent, but I’m sure this will not adept enough or too adept or…hell, I can’t even follow what people are complaining about.

– In case you need more convincing one way or the other, here is yet another Thor: The Dark World TV spot.

– Finally, Britney Spears, who knows Natalie from their early Stagedoor Manor years, mentioned her in a Twitter Q&A.

Thanks to Toto20 and Kitten.

Telegraph Interview

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Really nice find from Kitten, a comprehensive interview with Natalie from The Telegraph in the UK. There are some old quotes but quite a few new quotes as well. Below are just a few excerpts, starting with more clarification for those Natalie fans who assumed she had a better grasp of the French language than she does.

“I speak French, not well, but enough to get around and hopefully it will improve while I am there. I’m really excited. It’s everyone’s dream to get to live in Paris.”

Fulfilling another closely held dream,Portman is about to direct her first film, A Tale of Love and Darkness, based on the bestselling memoir by the Israeli author Amos Oz. She also wrote the screenplay. “It is his coming-of-age story set during the creation of the state of Israel.” She is renting a house in Tel Aviv with her family, doing research and pre-production on the project, when we speak by phone a few weeks after our chat in California.

The prospect of moving behind the camera, she says, is “exciting and scary. I think it’s kind of good not to be aware of how ill-equipped you are for the job you have ahead of you,” she says with a laugh, “or else you wouldn’t try anything. You have to be a bit delusional to try anything creative really, to not understand how high the mountain is before you start climbing it.”

Thor 2 Germany Premiere

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Natalie attended the premiere of Thor: The Dark World at CineStar Potsdamer Platz in Berlin this Sunday. She joined costars Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth on the red carpet and posed for photos, which I’m presently adding to the gallery as quickly as possible (sorry, guys, I got busy). Keep checking back for more!

She’s looking amazing in another Dior gown. Thanks to Kitten and Belerofonte for staying on top of the new pics!

Letterman And Other Tidbits

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Here are a batch of news items – apologies if any of these have been covered in other updates.

– According to this site, Natalie will make her 16th appearance on Late Night With David Letterman on November 6th. Should we still get excited about her appearing on his show or at this point is it a case of Letterman fatigue?

– Natalie will be attending the German premiere soon, and Belerofonte found a live stream of the event, which begins at 18:00 local. Check back later for a look at her next red carpet look.

– Rachel found a text free version of the Jane Foster character poster.

– Finally, Natalie and Kat Dennings give a cute little interview below. They’re always a lot of fun together.


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Greetings. I am now back and rested from my overseas trip. Had a wonderful time in Barcelona and was able to relax having seen that Kitten and Rachel were doing such a great job keeping you guys up to date with all the great Natalie news.

As I get back up to speed, I thought I’d do a post about the Thor: The Dark World reviews. I don’t believe there has been an update about them yet so…

There are currently 15 reviews up on Rotten Tomatoes and the score is a very promising 87% fresh. However, the average rating is only 6.9, which indicates that a lot of the positive reviews are just lukewarm. My issue with the Marvel films is that, while never bad, they’re also very rarely anything great either. Sounds like Thor 2 is going to be more of the same, which is admittedly a win for Marvel and for most film goers out there.

Here are a few sample quotes from the reviews…

Thor: The Dark World delivers the goods – action, otherworldly grandiosity, romance, humor – above and beyond its predecessor.

Though it uses some spotty logic and galactic-sized plot contrivances to get it over the finish line, Thor: The Dark World is never less than breathlessly entertaining.

This robust, impersonal visual-effects showpiece proves buoyant and unpretentious enough to offset its stew of otherwise derivative fantasy/action elements.

It feels entirely made by committee – the definition of house style, without a personal stamp in sight.

French Premiere

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Natalie has arrived for the French Premiere of Thor 2 The Dark World.

I am adding pictures to the gallery just now, liking this look a lot more than last night, what do you guys think?


EDIT, some HQ’s have been added to the gallery, credit to isa_ at tlfan. There are a few more HQ pics on the forum, I couldn’t add them to the gallery, presumably because they are too large. Rachel has now added the UHQ pics to the gallery. Enjoy

Thor 2 Afterparty

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Following the World Premiere of Thor: The Dark World, Natalie was spotted heading back to her hotel with Benjamin and joining her costars outside an afterparty for the film’s London debut. How do you guys think her party dress stacks up to her red carpet look?