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Thor Tidbits

We have quite a few Thor related news items so I’ve decided to put them all together for a new hammer themed edition of tidbits.

– We start with confirmation that Thor 3 will be a part of Marvel’s phase 3. After the second film I can’t say I’m really looking forward to that, but I know many of Natalie’s fans will be punching the air.

– Next up is a piece of concept art from Andy Park.


– And here is a new(?) photo from the first Thor film.

– Finally, a Thor 2 interview with Natalie touches on a few other aspects like how she regrets not being more rebellious as a teenager. For Star Wars fans there is also what Natalie said to JJ Abrams about the upcoming series.

Thanks to lightscamerareaction, MrsKiraSayers and Belerofonte.