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Just a brief request, if anyone could send me the IGN gameguide of Madden 2004 (PC) that’d be great. I’m getting my ass kicked over here.

Right, some interesting pieces of news today…not quite as interesting as Sanjiro’s update yesterday (seriously, wtf was that?) but interesting all the same.

Dominosmofo sent in this little Nat-Gael tv sighting.

just wanted to let you know I was visiting relatives and as I was checking on my grandmother she was watching her usual Spanish talk shows this one show I have seen before It deals with celebrity relations and such that are caught on camera… anyways as I happened to be walking by I heard two familiar names mentioned (I understand Spanish by the way). I turned to look at the screen and sure enough Nat and Gael were holding hands filmed at a restaurant with another couple, double date style. I am trying to remember the name of the show, “ex…….” if I do remember I will e-mail you guys. But in the meantime you can search for that footage.

Would sure love to see some pics from that…

Cal, from AQMB, has been digging for some Large’s Ark info and found something semi-interesting. It’s not much but so little is known about the film that any news is big news.

Just received the following information on Large’s Ark “part of the movie was filmed in my house. they took over for four days. very cool. Zach is awesome, really nice and fun. Ian got sick when they were filming here but he’s an amazing actor and pulled it off. i didn’t really speak to Natalie, my dad did but they wouldn’t really let us talk to her much. she looks very different in photo shoots, movies, and in person. my house is Andrew Largemans’s house in the movie they said it will be in the movie for aprox 15 mins. they used the great room, den, kitchen, dinning room, mastor bedroom, and my sisters bedroom. In the fist shivah scene i walk across and in the funeral scene you see the top of my head I’m one of the blonde ones (the older/taller of the two).” Thanks to Jules.

And she found that over here.


Forgot to mention that Vern found another “Spotted” from Down Under.

“Shooting on Star Wars wraps up this week and, while Natalie Portman finished all her scenes a few weeks back, it seems she’s still hanging about. Last week she was seen at Dean’s Cafe in Kings Cross but it apparently all got too much for one waitress who accidentally dropped a glass of water on the actor.”

Seems a little strange to me that she’d still be in Australia but you never know.

And finally a couple of brilliant drawings.

This is a great pic of Padme and Whatshisname from Eddie.

And Matt sent in another jaw droppingly good drawing.

Thanks guys.


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Local 142


Because JC is most likely dead i have to update more than twice a month. and once again my suicide attempt is put on hold because DAZZA wants a break from updating “constantly”. i find this unacceptable and have filed a grievance with the union steward.

in other news. i’ve lowered the setting on my chair all the way down. so i’m writing this from a midgit perspective.

us little people get no breaks.

Corinne says:

I own a Zire 71, and wanted to spice up my Palm. So I tried out all sorts of launchers … but I don’t think you’ll be interested in this long voyage that took up my whole day …

What I really wanted to say is, I came upon this really great launcher that I’m using now … it’s called Embark. And the interesting thing is, they distribute an Anakin and Amidala wallpaper as an example wallpaper. I don’t know about you, but that was quite surprising to me. Admittedly, I never thought of putting Natalie Portman as my Palm wallpaper.

Aaah, but you might not find that interesting …

For the interested anyway, more information on Embark
can be found at

who found any of that interesting? i think we found our next poll.

Next Amazing Andy found an article about style and models and Natalie is mentioned (“Obviously,” says Dazza.) you can read the story here. but if you just read the above line that i wrote you’ve read the natalie mention already.

and then andy found this Star Wars article that he thought we’d like and then we thought you’d like it so here is the whole thing.

“In Episode I, Padmé was very formal and very ceremonial, and that became slightly relaxed for Episode II. In Episode III, we see her in a couple of business-like — but not heavily ceremonial — costumes, so generally her look is softer, and we get a chance to see her in a more relaxed state. I think even more relaxed now than she was in Episode II — softer, more feminine,”

who am i quoting? i don’t know. but you can click here and find out.

Thanks to Amazing ANDY!!

alethon has kept his eyes open for Natalie news and found this strange information. according to this site Nat will be voicing two (2) characters on the upcoming season of Digimon. what da?!

we’ll move along now into the pic portion of the update.

Megan sent in these two Anywhere But Here Caps. they are from deleted scenes. Dancing! and Waving!

Matt sent in this great drawing of natalie.

Here’s a wallpaper by flathead_21. his brother phillips_21 is proud.

and lastly Jysaac sent in 3 pieces of fanart

and that’s a wrap. this strike went well i think. and now i’m putting my chair back to it’s rightful position so that i may look down at you all from my god-like seat. i’m guessing the poll will be done on Friday. so you guys have until then to cheat. i have no faith in you folks. you’re all liars and cheaters. and that’s why i am on strike in the first place! oh go ahead. prove me wrong. you’ll only be PLAYING RIGHT INTO MY HANDS. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

oh, you men.


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Banner poll is up!

Hey all

First some breaking nat news and then some site stuff.

Cal from Schmotown found out that Natalie will be participating in the Kids for Kids Celebrity Carnival. She’s done this before and it’s a great cause so try and head on over to NYC on Sept. 20th to show your support…or oogle Nat. Take a camera! More info can be found here.

The time has come dan-dan-dan-dan-dan-dan-dan-dan…

The banner poll! You should know what it is by now. If not, shame on you! Ok, fine…since a number of people wanted to see what other options we could use for a banner before deciding whether they wanted to keep the current one or not, I’ve asked for submissions, picked the best ones (sorry to those who didn’t make it) and now it’s up to you to vote.

*pause for breath*

With the help of Mart we’ve incorporated the banners into the site design, cos looking at them on their own it’s pretty pointless.

So, let’s get to it.


The results of the old poll were…

What are you looking forward to more?
Star Wars: Episode 3 65.18% (498 votes)

Cold Mountain 25% (191 votes)

The end of this update 6.28% (48 votes)

The Cat in the Hat 3.14% (24 votes)

Wow, I must be pissing off a lot of people with my SW comments. Hoo-hah! And the 24 of you that voted for Cat in the Hat…for shame.

And finally, we’re a little bit short on help over on the french site. If you are bilingual (french and english obviously), have free time and want to help out, please send me a line.

More stuff on the way tomorrow.


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Nat hosting VF concert

Hey all

Feeling a bit under the weather today but 3 days without an update will have the mob gathering outside my house with pitchforks, so I thought I better give you something.

Thanks to Burn2shine from Natalienews for finding some interesting info regarding a Vanity Fair Concert.

For the second year in a row Vanity Fair and DKNY present Vanity Fair “In Concert,” a bi-coastal all-star music celebration in New York City on Monday, October 6, and in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 15. The second annual Vanity Fair “In Concert” program benefits Step Up Women’s Network, an organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for breast-cancer research and other women’s causes through national and local events that support and promote the career development of its members. Tickets will be available starting today, September 13, through Ticketmaster at (212) 307-7171 or at .

Sheryl Crow, Mya, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein will perform at the New York show, October 6, at Hammerstein Ballroom, hosted by Natalie Portman and Chloe Sevigny. The evening will also feature DJ Mark Ronson, DJ Sky, and other musical artists.

Coolness. You can find out more here. found some more info about why Natalie might have pulled out of Head in the Clouds.

The film reportedly nearly collapsed last December when Natalie Portman, who was set to play Gilda, withdrew herself?and her star power?from the project. Portman?s rep says the actress left because of creative differences. Duigan says that ?maybe she ultimately wasn?t confident that the part was for her.? Shooting was delayed for two months as the producers scrambled for a replacement. ?Charlize is a very different actress,? Duigan says, ?and closer to the age of the character as I had originally conceived it.?

At least he was nice about it. Source.

Baris sent in this German Vogue pic from a few years back. We have it but not this big.

Lorenzo9 has several large Kamiseta scans over on this page.

Since fanart is a bit scarce these days, I thought you guys might want to check out this link that Jusepe sent in. Has a bunch of Padme drawings and Ep3 shtuff.

And finally, Mike sent in a couple really cool drawings. Click here and here.

The banner poll will start either tomorrow or monday, so be sure to check back for that. Cheers.


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new comic


Just a couple site additions tonight. Nate and I have the new comic strip up. Number 25. If you get the dual connection of Inman’s last line, you’re a real cool cat.

And we’ve added an email to the new From the Inbox.



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I wrote up a new editorial, which can be read here. Hope you all enjoy it…or get pissed off…any reaction is good. Remember to send me a line if you have anything to say.

The Natalie-Gael poll has ended and here’s the final count:

Its their lives, no business of mine. 37.15% (266 votes)

Who cares, celeb relationships never last. 24.58% (176 votes)

Terrible, Gael looks like such a player. 24.16% (173 votes)

Great, they are both talented and good looking so as good a match as any. (89 votes)

Interesting results. I bet if I posted pics of Gael and Natalie together we’d see the “no business of mine” rhetoric thrown oughta the window straight away.

Aaaand, we have a new poll up.


Forgot to mention that the Leon Superbit DVD comes out today. Click here for a review.

But the only content of the day is a drawing from Marcello.

Happy birthday, Bunny.


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Down but not out

Hey all

Sorry for the site being down this weekend but the headquarters were under siege by rabid Natalie fans wanting to rip Gael a knew one. Seriously guys, check the poll… just 10% of you are happy for them? Hah.

But yeah, so the server went down and since it was a weekend, there’s nothing we could do till Pher went back in to work this morning. You see! THIS is why we’re asking for donations.

Luckily there was bugger all news so it’s not like you all missed out on anything.

Not much for news today either but let’s see what we have…

Mike sent in a pic of Nat that is so big that it’s almost like you’re there, standing one inch away from her.

WhoToKill is a site that, seemingly, finds out who people want to kill. Thankfully Natalie is given a 78.4% chance of living. Whew. Thanks to Linus.

Nat was about to kill me if I didn’t put these pics up so here are some pics from Teen Vogue and Teen People that may or may not be old/new.
Nat and Zac…no Moby in site, poor fella.
Signature look: Bookish Beauty
Tracksuits are in…when worn by hot people.

Just so you know, my signature look is Lazy A**hole.

And finally, Kes sent me an email about a site called Face Transformer. It let’s you face pic to drunken or baby or a different race or old etc. Kes, being one step ahead of the game, created a nat pic already. Go over here and use this info:

Login: npcom
Pass: password

Sounds like fun but I wasn’t able to get it to work. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

There will be a new comic strip and editorial coming this week and don’t forget the banner entries! You can still submit till this friday, and something I should have menetioned awhile ago was the name of our font: Its 1979.ttf, aka Spiderman font.



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another quickie

Hey all

Thanks for the banner submissions we’ve received so far. Keep sending them in and we’ll set up a poll in the near future.

The DAZ=Sanji poll is over and whew…what the hell are you guys smoking?

No, but I think they are lovers 59.12% (269 votes)

Yes 21.76% (99 votes)

No 18.24% (83 votes)

182 of you don’t think that we are lovers…are you crazy?!?! Can you not see the sexual tension everytime we talk about each other?

Speaking of sexual tension, the new poll is about the new lovebirds.

Matt, Lindsay, BenBlet me know that USAToday did an article on celebs who go to college and, of course, Natalie got a mention.

Natalie Portman, 22, graduated this spring from Harvard, the alma mater of Mira Sorvino and Elisabeth Shue. Portman went (slightly) incognito by enrolling under her family name.

And finally, the very sane edwardbc sent in what his future office will look like.

Hope you’re all having a good week.


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Not so gae?


El Quijote looks like he has the answer to the Nat-Gael question, read on…

Yestersay the most important Spanish newspaper, EL PAIS, reported in the society section that Natalie Portman and Gael García Bernal were kissing and sharing a good time outside of a mexican restaurant in the pure area of La Latina, in Madrid. As Gael is filming here in Spain the new Pedro Almodóvar´s film, “La mala educación”(“The bad education”), it seems that Natalie crossed the atlantic ocean to the Spanish capital to see him.

Natalie and Gael were also at this restaurant in Madrid this past SUNDAY (31 August).

Wow, I guess that answers that. Good luck to both of them and hopefully Gael’s great film choices will rub off on Natalie.

Alex has a bit more info about another of the great Natalie mysteries…

there is a small mention of natalie in the september issue of teen people. it is on page 85, under wheelin’ and dealin’. it talks about her decision to drop out of the 1930s war romance Head in the Clouds because she and her parents had second thoughts about the role.

eLGee found this poll, which has a number of categories, one of which mentions our Nat.

And finally, the Rise of Nobility audio drama is up. Here’s the info…

Rise of Nobility, the audio drama based on the young Padme Amidala, has finally been released after 4 years of production work. Elizabeth Ascot supplies her voice talents for the young Queen. She can also be seen in amimated film, Run Leia Run. The running time is 45 minutes. To download, visit

Ciao for now.


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site stuff

Hey all

The poll is now closed. Here are the final results…

The banner is ok – would depend on the replacement banner. 49% (270 votes)

The banner is great – no change for me. 35.75% (197 votes)

The banner sucks – definitely needs a change. 14.16% (78 votes)

Which means? Which means we will now be accepting banner submissions from you guys. We will pick our favourites and then YOU will get the chance to vote for your favourite and the winner will be the new banner. Of course we will include the current banner in the vote, because it did get a lot of support, so don’t worry about that. Please keep in mind that the banner has to FIT the current scheme. Send in something with lots of reds and yellows and we’re not gotta pick it.

So get cracking people!

We’ve added the first From the Inbox to the new editorial. If you want to have your say, don’t be shy.

On the subject of emails, Bob sent in this great one, which hopefully he won’t mind me including here:


Since you have have no real picture profile, and the Timberlake article I scanned was sent to Dazza, and you seem to come and go at will, I think you and Dazza share the same body, a-la split personality.

Whenever Dazza is feeling goofy, or wants to lust excessively over Nat, he turns into Sanji. When Dazza’s world is running smoothly, Sanji disappears for a while. When things start to get bad, Dazza puts out an A.P.B. for Sanji to come to his rescue, and the Sanji persona reappears.

Or maybe I need some sleep.

Not to mention we’re also writing a screenplay together…hmmm…

On that note, check out the new poll.



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Justin Timberlake

well guys. do i have news for you! well barely.

the MTV music awards were on a couple of days ago and no one really noticed. BUT. some people pretend it’s a big deal. and Justin Timberlake had a party to show how much he cares. and GUESS WHO SHOWED UP?! my girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time.

special thanks to BOB and BEN.

and that’s it! bob and ben are heros saving a dull news day. and just so youse guys know the poll will be ending tomorrow. so hurry up and vote!


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Hey all

Not much going on in the Nat world at the moment but things will soon be heating up.

So today we just have a new editorial. This is just by Kris and while the rest of the staff won’t chime in, you guys are more than welcome. As always, interesting emails could be used on the site.

Have a great weekend.


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banner change?


We’ve made a couple small changes to the site, based on your feedback:

– Clicking the banner will now take you back to the main page.
– Clicking the rotating Natalie pic will now take you to the relevant gallery.
– Pages now have “last modified on” like they used to.

Now a slightly bigger change is possibly on the cards. Most of the feedback I received was positive but out of the negative, the banner got the most flack. It also got a lot of good feedback but I feel it’s something that could be improved upon. So I’m gonna leave it up to you. Head on over to the poll and unless the majority want the banner to stay the way it is, we’re gonna look into a change.

For the record, the previous poll about Nat’s boob finished as follows:
1 ) Is the best news ever. Shwing! 28.22% (250 votes)

2 ) Is her choice and none of my business. 26.75% (237 votes)

3 ) Is a disgrace. 4.51% (40 votes)

4 ) Is evidence that Nat is finally taking her career seriously. 5.64% (50 votes)

5 ) Is disappointing but I’ll live. 9.48% (84 votes)

6 ) Is just a tit, whats the big deal? 23.25% (206 votes)

Well voted guys and gals!

JD sent in the news that Natalie has made the’s Top Desirable women list again. Last year she was number 77. This year? 9! Wooo!!

Squady sent me this link to an ongoing debate on the IMDB. The debate? Who is the better actress…Natalie…or Anne Hathaway! Ahahahahahaha.

That’s all for today.


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from the inbox


A quickie but a goodie.

We’ve added a bunch of your feedback to From the Inbox.
Go here to read several messages on the nudity issue and here to read a new comment on the Keira debate.

JediKnight sent in a new scan from Haddsah Magazine.

Hammurabi has sent in a his very own Nat song. Download it from here.

Derek found an interesting point on the sexiest 100 poll:

This year’s point system is a change from previous ones. We decided a new points system was in order to help negate the “Natalie Portman Effect”, which occurred last year when swamped the list with a bazillion votes. It will be a lot harder to make such a huge impact this time around.

Haha. Can’t say that I blame them.

Todd found a great article on Cold Mountain’s Oscar chances. A good read but this is pretty much the only Nat mention:

And there?s a heart-stopping sequence between Law and Natalie Portman, who plays a widow trying to save herself and her baby from malicious Union soldiers starved for food?among other things.

And just one wallpaper today, from Thomas Salvatore and in tribute to the late Wesley Willis.

And finally, just a reminder that Pher is still way short on the donations (1000 dollars to be exact) needed to get a new server. To see why he needs the money and how you can pay click here.

That’s it.


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part 2


As promised, here is the second half of my update.

Nate and myself finally found some time to put together a new comic. Hope ya enjoy.

Ali and Mark sent in this scan from the new In Touch Magazine about Natalie’s involvement in Stagedoor.

Miss Kacey and Claire found an interview with a contest winner on and Natalie got a couple mentions.

Greg has reminded me that the new sexiest 100 poll is up. Last year we were able to get Natalie the win so get cracking!

And Nicole has begged me to get you all over to Cosmogirl to vote for Natalie some more. The winner will probably get to be on the cover or something so there is that incentive.

Sliv found a wonderful (although not entirely accurate) 2D CG image of Natalie over on this board.

And now for some fanart…

Marco sent in a very simple but striking wallpaper in two sizes. Click here and here.

Eddie sent in another cool Mathilda sketch.

Archymethez sent in 3 nice wallpapers all using the same great pic.

And finally, two 800×600 wallpapers from Phil. Click here and here.

I’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who has sent in editorial feedback. I’m trying to reply to most but it’s not easy. Tomorrow we will be adding some of them to the ‘From the Inbox’ section.

Till then.


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New News for youse.

time to put things in perspective.

the “nude scene” in cold mountain seems like it’s gotten out of hand. i’ve read the script and if there are any concerns that the scene is a sexual one, it’s highly unlikely. although i suppose there is HIGH SEXUAL TENSION. but as far as i can tell the only nudity would be her breast feeding the baby.

I need to feed this man, if you could look away.

Inman, embarrassed, turns his back to her. He sits finishing the food while she puts the baby to her breast, slipping the shoulder from her dress.

Now here is an incredibly positive Cold Mountain review from

And you WILL NOT believe Natalie Portman in this movie – I thought Lucas used the force to suck the acting talent right out of her, but she totally surprised me with a great performance too.



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I’m not sure why but I’m so damn tired tonight. I’m sure you know my excuses well enough by now to know what’s coming.

I’m gonna have to split my update in half. Half now and the rest later this weekend.

So let’s get to it while I can still keep my eyes open.

The Boob hoopla is kicking up a bit of a storm so I’ve set up a new editorial on the subject and a poll to see where you guys and girls stand. With the boob or against the boob?

Your feedback about that issue as well as the Keira debate is very welcome and you’ll notice that we’ve already added some fan feedback in both editorials.

Just to let you know, the last poll ended with almost 80% of you either liking or loving the new design, which is music to my ears. Next week we’re gonna look into a couple issues that have been brought up.

There’s a brand new image attack up of Natalie’s shadow. Thanks to everyone who sent that in.

And now for some…



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Cold Mountain and BOOBS

Hey all

Early update cos this is some biiig news. Firstly, AICN has another review for Cold Mountain and it’s extremely positive. He mentions Natalie but doesn’t go into specifics.

But later in the review he goes into some spoilers and does a checklist, here’s a portion of it…

Now for a quicker recap of the good stuff.

Roster heads being pulled off. Check

Goats throat sliced. Check

Creepy albino bad guy. Check

Portman boob. Check, Check and Check

Kidman butt. Check

4 way with a priest. Check

Head shots. Check

Jack White from the “White Stripes.” Check (He is actually good in the movie)

Oh…my…god. And why did he check it 3 times?

The movie sounds good. The boob will be great. Best. Day. Ever.


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that’s what I want

Hey all

As you folks know, we are a non profit site. Not only that but we are hosted for free on Pher’s server Hal. Unforunately something has broken (you might notice the site is a bit slow at the moment) and Pher needs to raise some cash to replace it.

We do a lot for you. He does a lot for us. So if you are currently rolling around in $100 dollar bills, please consider a donation.

Click here for more info.



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rock and roll

The following takes place between 22:20 and 00:06

Hey all

I’m glad that it seems the majority of you are very happy with what we’ve done and rest assured that we’re always going to try and improve. Speaking of which, I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback and I’m trying to reply to everyone but there’s a lot so if you sent something in you might have to wait a day or two. I’d like to encourage everyone who hasn’t written in, who feels they have something to share, to do so because next week we’re gonna maybe suggest some changes. So if there’s something you really want changed or really DON’T want changed, you better let me know.

Also a reminder that the feedback for the editorial is just for the current editorial topic. In this case: Keira vs Nat. So if you have something to say about that, send me a line.

Alright, Sanji covered most of the news yesterday but lets see what I can dig up for ya…

More good news about the future of Closer, a page has been added to the IMDB.

Johnny found something quite fun. It’s a site that archives old websites. So if you go here you can see the various incarnations of Whew, we’ve come a looong way.

Melody Nelson found two new old pics and Titooy cleaned them up.


And It’s Me sent in a bunch of small, watermarked but new old pics. Here are the most interesting ones…

Eddie sent in this great drawing of two Natalie’s.

And just one wallpaper today. It’s from Mike and it uses a very naked and very fake picture that is doing the rounds. Not for those easily offended.

And that, as they say, is that.


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