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Nothing to write home about but…

– Let’s start with a cute writeup about Natalie being Long Island’s hometown heroine. I especially liked this little story.

The actress lived for a time in Sea Cliff, where longtime resident and Bart’s Barber Shop owner Joseph Mazzeo once cut her hair. “She came in with her mom, and I had no idea who she was,” Mazzeo recalls. “She was growing her hair out, and she said, ‘Give me a Mohawk.’” He later learned that she’d shaved her head for a movie roll. “Her mom looked nervous,” Mazzeo says, “but Natalie told me, ‘I bet you think I’m 14, but I’m 24.’”

– Another fan sighting via instagram. Seems this was taken in LA but no idea when.

UPDATE – Despite the LA tag it seems the photo was taken in Israel, which makes a hell of a lot more sense.


– Finally, Garcy found a really funny Anna Kendrick tweet from yesterday.