Happy Thanksgiving

By November 27, 2014Opinions

A happy thanksgiving to Natalie and all of our friends from the United States. I just realized this photo is probably a lot more offensive than it was when shot in the 90’s, but I’m keeping it in because I can’t think of what would be a better fit. Feel free to make a suggestion for next year.



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  • Lee Bartholomew says:

    just wearing a head dress shouldn’t be a problem. now having a pilgrim in the room that could be an issue. now when I was young I played Injin Joe in a Tom Sawyer play. oops I’m a drop native american. oh well

  • natness says:

    Screw political correctness. What does it matter if you wear feathers or not? It doesn´t change history and reality.

  • Ashley says:

    She dress like Indian she looks wonderful happy Thanksgiving natalie Portman I had birthday wish that I want to meet Natalie Portman

  • Brad says:

    I hope your Thanksgiving was as pleasant and enjoyable as mine…. Brad 🙂

  • Stanley Krise says:

    She looks great in it. That being said. Thanks Giving was made up in the Civil War era. Really nothing to do with Native Americans or Pigrams. It was meant to build up moral becuase much of the country was under distress. Should have been a holiday about the freedom slaves, instead of made up story about Redskins and pasty white people! As long as I can be a little poltically incorrect as well go ahead and wear the headdress, women look great dressed as part of our heritage. Just one Indians opinion… Happy Holidays!