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TOLAD Is Almost Here

The official Cannes lineup has been released as well as the page for A Tale of Love and Darkness. With it comes this still from the film and the runtime – a relatively brisk 98 minutes.

Natalie Portman in Tale of Love and Darkness

On the subject, the Polish cinematographer, Idziak, has once again spoken warmly about Natalie the director. He also predicted the new Natalie film rumours by revealing that Natalie was planning to do a lot of acting in the near future.

I had no doubt that I wanted this movie to do, although I had huge concerns with this production, as movie stars can be very different. Well, I found a wonderful woman and a great artist, a great actress, but I have to tell you that it will be, it is already, a great director, also is multitalented. Already in the queue to her American studies they set to doing more films. She says he has to give a break. He wants to work a little bit as an actress, but undoubtedly thoughts and collects at the moment ideas for future films. This cooperation was extremely harmonious. From the beginning to the end. To be honest, moves me is that outstanding actress, Hollywood, sends me on my birthday wish on video, or if in Los Angeles invites you to dinner, she pulls the car and whisks herself dinner. These are gestures that do not remind me of big stars American, and Natalia this is and it’s really not just about me. It’s about her attitude toward other people.

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