every beginning has an end

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Hey all Forget all the little pics that I've been posting all day cos our very own Titooy has found nice juicy nip...err...pictures. You can get them right over here.…

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bit bigger – UPDATED

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We're getting there, slowly but surely. Slightly bigger versions of the wire image pics from Erica C. One Two Three Gallery is up! UPDATE Marc and Dana found two more…

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This day just keeps getting better. Dave Poland is one of my fav film writers and in his new column...well I'll let you guys read it for yourself... As for…

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Hey all Nat made a gorgeous appearance at the '18th Annual American Cinematheque Award Honoring Nicole Kidman' last night. At the moment there are only tiny pics but hopefully it…

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this is a fluff update

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AC scanned this neat bit from the MX newspaper in Melbourne. see, if you're gonna badmouth Natalie Portman, do it in a tongue she doesn't understand. like tagalog: PUTANG INA…

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Natalie and Brody in Capa?

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Quickie... Variety are reporting the following... MILAN -- Adrien Brody and Natalie Portman have been offered roles in a biopic of war photographer Robert Capa, written and to be directed…

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Now I’m lost

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Hola This update was done while listening to The Mars Volta. Make of that what you will. We've got a new poll going but before that, here are the results…

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he’s aliiiive!

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Hey all Feeling muuuuch better today. Thanks for not spamming me with hatemail and death threats for the little break. If there was anything majorly important I woulda updated with…

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