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Help From Brothers And The Dude?

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  The LA Times has a really good summary on the behind the scenes drama of Jane Got A Gun. They also cover some of the speculated stories as to…

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  Brian Duffiled is the writer of the Black List awarded script for Jane Got A Gun, and based on his tweets today the production has started as per the…

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Jude Law Exits

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  Man, it's a headline every hour on this project. Jude Law has left Jane Got A Gun as he signed on primarily to work with Lynne Ramsay, and he…

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Gavin O’Connor Saddles Up

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  Well that didn't take long, Gavin O'Connor has replaced Lynne Ramsay on Jane Got A Gun. Gavin directed the decent sports flick, Miracle, the Norton Farrell cop drama, Pride…

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  I have a little time free at work so I want to quickly share a couple more small additions to the big story of Lynne Ramsay failing to show…

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Fassbender Out Law In

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  With Jane Got A Gun's production schedule sliding, Michael Fassbender has now officially had to leave the production as it interferes with his work on the next X-Men film.…

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Jane Gets A Gun In March

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  Natalie's Michael Fassbender co-starring Western, directed by Lynne Ramsay, was aiming for a February shoot but if this is any indication, it looks like production will now begin in…

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