Echo Park

By August 19, 2013Nat-news

The candid gravy train rolls on as Natalie takes Whiz for a walk with a friend. Always great to see more Whiz but those shorts…what on earth…


Thanks to Belerofonte.


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  • Adonis says:

    For me, Natalie is the “Mother Nature” – simply stunning as it looks ….
    Dazza really great pictures 😉

  • Jessica says:

    I love Natalie but… those shorts are actually normal-sized, they just look huge on her because she is so petite! No matter, that girl can do no wrong IMO.

    • omgzrachel says:

      I’ve always wondered if she’s just so tiny that she has trouble finding clothes that fit, or if she’s wearing hand-me-downs, lol.

  • Natluver says:

    She looks good in anything. she has her own style and its nice.

  • LP says:

    Simplemente bella Natalie