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Who Wouldn’t Natalie Work With

In thinking of possible poll topics, I hit upon one that required a bit of an explanation. I was wondering which directors Natalie would never work with, or work with again. The candidates who, if I saw Natalie was linked to one of their films, I would be shocked. Obviously one could pick from the very bottom of the barrel, but I’ve tried to come up with names that have a solid reason behind them.

This is just my opinion and I look forward to hearing yours in the comments below. A poll will follow with my choices as well as any inspired picks from you guys.

1 – Milos Forman

Natalie worked with the great director on Goya’s Ghosts and, what seemed like a dream collaboration, turned out to be a disaster. The film was hugely unsuccessful, a shock since Milos has several masterpieces on his filmography, but more than that there were clearly some clashes either during or after filming. Natalie did not attend the film’s premiere with Milos confirming that it wasn’t a scheduling issue. Then we began to hear that they had clashed regarding nudity in the film, apparently Milos pushing the boundary beyond what was agreed. Natalie confirms it at the 2:45 mark of this video.

2 – Woody Allen

This is the one I could be most wrong about. A very young Natalie worked with Woody on the late 90’s film, Everyone Says I Love You. Her role was supporting in the extreme but that’s not why I’ve chosen Woody. I’m going for him because Natalie spoke about how she really struggled with the improvisation expected of her, considers her performance in the film a disaster, and said this of Woody “My favourite director is the one that says I am horrible.” I also recall reading that he barely said two words to her on set, so while clearly a fan of his work, I think the door might be closed on that one. And let’s face it, with how prolific Woody is and how many big name actors he works with, surely they would have worked together by now?

3 – Michael Bay

I just don’t think his “aesthetic” is something that interests Natalie in the slightest. The sexist overtones in the films and behind the camera being just the cherry on top. He’ll often cast strong actors in supporting roles (and bad actors in the starring roles, go figure) but we’re probably more likely to see Bay accepting an Oscar than Natalie running from a dinosaur Transformer.

4 – George Lucas

Maybe I’m projecting, but I get the feeling the Star Wars trilogy was a personal hell. She couldn’t look more bored in the films and has spoken about how she really struggled to resurrect her career after them. She went from being the hottest young actor in Hollywood to everyone thinking she was awful. She always speaks kindly of the films, and clearly appreciates that it made kids happy, but I have the feeling that the mere sight of beard and checkered shirts has her breaking out into a cold sweat.

5 – Lars Von Trier

The mad/genius Danish auteur makes brilliant provocative films, but I wouldn’t necessarily put him on the list based solely on that. Natalie seems to really appreciate directors who are good people first and foremost, and Lars…well, he has a reputation for breaking his actors, and particularly his actresses, down to dust. Natalie doesn’t believe in method acting, for herself at least, but Lars often encouraging his actors to stay in character for extended periods of time. As much as she may admire his films, I would be amazed to see her step onto one of his sets. Personally, this is the one I hope I’m wrong about.

Alright, your turn.