Sunday Tidbits

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! To celebrate, here’s a round of “sunday tidbits” for all you guys.

-The big news of the week was undoubtedly Natalie incorporating the cast of the latest film by Xavier Dolan. Delving a bit on the news, we have a brief statement of the Director concerning it:

“From ‘Crash’ to ‘Closer’, Besson’s ‘Professional’, ‘About a Boy’, ‘Skins’ and more recently ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, Natalie, Thandie and Nicholas have always inspired me, and helped define what I like and find exciting in acting, so there is an almost karmic peculiarity to knowing I’ll be working with them next.”

“They’re completing a list of talents whom I believe are very rare, and even rarer together. I’m excited to tell this story with them. Never has a film been so important to me, especially because its subject, diversity and identity in film, has never felt so real, and dire”

It is still uncertain when they start filming; Some reports speak of this spring, and others of a shooting along this year. In between, we remember that Natalie also will shoot “Annihilation”, with Alex Garland.

-Meanwhile, Natalie will finish filming Jackie soon. According to Juan de Dios Larrain, brother of Pablo and co-producer of the movie, they will begin a second phase of filming in March, this time on location in USA

-In another vein, and talking about past releases, There are a couple of new cool stuff about “Knight of Cups”…

A new (and great) still of the movie:

Foto 14-2-16 10 15 37

… and this short video of KoC Berlin Premiere, recorded inside the theatre, which is really nice:

-Finally, it seems that Jane Got a Gun, the last release of the actress, has at least one passionate fan … Stephen King:

Brief introduction…

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Hi guys. I am Belerofonte. Many of you know me from my participations in the forum.

Here begins a new period in my journey within the site. From now on I will take care to keep you abreast of important news as they occur throughout the week about Natalie. A small extension of what I do in the forum at this time.

Do not expect long speeches, just good and timely information about what is happening in Natland.

After years of little movement, it begins an interesting time in the career of Natalie, and we will try to be there to report everything that goes happening …

Greetings to everyone 🙂

DAZZA’S NOTE – I’ve been trying to get Belero to do updates for years. So glad he finally agreed to give it a go and it will allow us to get important Natalie news up much quicker. He’s basically been the 4th Beatle for the last few years anyway.


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It’s time for a new batch of mini news items, starting with some casting news for one of Natalie’s upcoming films…

– First some big news, Jennifer Jason Leigh looks to be joining the cast of Alex Garland’s Annihilation. After being beaten up by every man in The Hateful Eight, maybe she’s looking forward to this all female sci-fi film.

– Here is another new clip from Jane Got A Gun and once again…it’s pretty good.

– Speaking of Jane, here are a couple interesting video interviews with her co-stars. Joel Edgerton talks for over half an hour and gives good background info on the production. Strangely, he never mentions Natalie (or if he did I missed it). Then there’s a shorter video interview with Ewan Mcgregor from Jimmy Kimmel.

JGAG Tidbits

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There is tons of Jane Got A Gun related news, which we’ll be trying to catch up with for days, so here is another collection of news items.

Box Office Mojo indicates that the theatre count plans have essentially doubled for this weekend from 550 theatres to 1,210 offerings.

Weinstein originally estimated it would only be arriving in 550 theaters, but that count rose to 1,210 theaters today making it a little more possible it could find a spot in the top ten, but it has a tough road ahead of it.

Not only did it have a troubled production, but the marketing campaign appears to be almost non-existent. A target figure for the weekend would seem to be $3 million, but the fact this is a Western with little juice behind it doesn’t seem to be working in its favor.

– A positive JGAG review has emerged from Screen Daily, which has an interesting take on the feminism of the film.

Portman’s Jane is strong and self-sufficient with a lucid take on survival — she’s not afraid to help herself and she knows when she requires help from others. Some very bad things have happened to her but she’s nobody’s punching bag. And not unlike Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road, one might be tempted to think that Portman is just too much of a natural beauty for this role, but any such objection quickly subsides.

– That feminist take is completely contradicted by a piece that calls the film “unbelievably sexist”

The past year was a great one for women on the big screen. We had Mad Max: Fury Road, Spy, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens — movies that championed tough, smart, independent female characters.

And now, kicking off 2016 is Jane Got a Gun, a movie that runs screaming in the opposite direction.

First Hand Experience on Planetarium set

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Yesterday, we got some lovely shots from the Planetarium set in Paris, which can be found here. Luckily, user Aurore actually got a first hand experience on this new shoot. Here is a look at what went down. Congratulations on the awesome experience!

Here is an instagram shot of the event found at the user accroaupopcorn:


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Swan Stills

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Thanks to Belerofonte, who found two more new-old Black Swan production stills featuring Natalie. Hit the preview to see a never-before-seen photo of Natalie waiting on set with Darren Aronofsky and Matthew Libatique, and a larger version of the White Swan’s entrance over at still photographer Niko Tavernise’s Flickr.

Charlie Awards: Worst News of the Year

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Now it’s time for the worst news of 2014. I suspect I’m forgetting one or two things and fully admit to stretching to find 5 choices. 2014 was so quiet even bad news was scarce.

Worst News Of The Year

Total Voters: 226

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I was going to make a tumbleweed joke, but that would do a disservice to this drawing from Reika. While the Natalie news has been excessively thin this year, the Natalie art work has been outstanding. Much respect to all the talented artists out there.


Blast From The Past

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Crazy day. Don’t have much time. So here is a video with a lot of interviews from the British premiere of The Phantom Menace. A fresh faced Natalie appears at the 8:50 mark. Thanks to Belerofonte for the trip down memory lane.

Secret French Film

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Two pieces of film news in one week? What is this witchcraft? Below is a new article/interview feature from Grazia magazine. Dior is the main subject, but Natalie talks about film, family, food and France. In particular, she mentions that she has a French film in the works, but it’s a secret. Consider my curiosity well and truly piqued.


Thanks to Eden and Kitten.

Natalie and Benjamin Celebrate at Lapérouse

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We’ve updated the gallery with some new candid photos of Natalie celebrating husband Benjamin Millepied’s Paris Opera premiere of Daphnis et Chloé with their friends at Lapérouse restaurant last Saturday in Paris. Thanks to Belerofonte for the finds.

Misery Needs Company

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I am really excited about Natalie’s directorial debut, A Tale Of Love And Darkness, but I still wish Macbeth (with Michael Fassbender) could have happened as well. Instead schedules meant Natalie dropped out to be replaced by Marion Cortillard, and even though production is under way, the first publicity photos have arrived. Sigh.



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As I started reeling off the films that Philip Seymour Hoffman had been in, I noticed a pattern. I’m not sure there’s another actor who has been in so many of my all time favourite films. There also aren’t many actors who are so consistently great. Even in bad films – though he didn’t have many – he’d normally be one of the few saving graces.

I wasn’t going to mention his passing on this site, but Ian McKellen posted a really nice tribute on his Facebook page (thanks to Simon for the heads up) and the photo attached was this wonderful shot of Natalie and Philip from their brief run performing The Seagull.


What a loss.

Thor Talkback

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Thor: The Dark World is now widely available, so I thought I’d create a comments thread where you guys can leave your thoughts about the film and Natalie. Spoilers are fine but please warn before you talk about any important plot details/surprises.

As for the box office, it looks as though it made around $30 million from Thursday night and Friday, so an opening weekend of $90 million looks about right. Not amazing but very solid and a big jump from the first film’s numbers. Dave Poland has an interesting analysis of the Marvel business plan, which he thinks is not as spectacular as many think.

Nick Grimshaw Show on Radio One

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Natalie was on Radio 1 this morning on the Nick Grimshaw Show. Nick tweeted this cool photo-set. Check it out below, click for the full size.


You can listen to the show here Nick Grimshaw Show . I don’t actually know when Natalie appears, as I haven’t had a chance to listen, can someone let us know and we can put it on the post 😀

UPDATE Thanks to Narkel for the info:

She appears at 1.39.50
Nat talked about food, moving to Europe, trying French accent, acting with green screens, hardest scene to shoot, kissing Chris, the SNL rap (one of her friends gave her a frame copy of the NY Times review where she was named “Most significant white female rapper of all time”).
It was funny, more relaxed and much better than her interview with Graham.