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worst. news. ever.

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Kathleen found this article that seems to indicate that Cate's role in Closer might be taken by *shudder* Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts looks set to sign up for the celluloid…

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Kids Carnival pics

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Hey all What a crazy weekend it's been. I haven't even had a chance to get to my normal update stuff. Anyway, Nat did attend that Kids carnival and we've…

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mercedes and banners

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Hey all Just a quickie since it's the morning here and I'm still half asleep. Minerva found these new pics of Natalie at the Mercedes Fashion Week in NY. Now…

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the big news day just got bigger

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Update number 2... Ok, so we've setup a gallery for the pics from earlier today (altho it wasn't easy with Kris and Mart, the technical guys, AWOL...but Melody and I…

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Evening For those of you not currently huddling in a bunker on the East Coast of the US, welcome to another hurricane-free update. The IMDB has a bit of good…

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hut hut hut – UPDATED

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Hey Just a brief request, if anyone could send me the IGN gameguide of Madden 2004 (PC) that'd be great. I'm getting my ass kicked over here. Right, some interesting…

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Local 142

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STRIKE. Because JC is most likely dead i have to update more than twice a month. and once again my suicide attempt is put on hold because DAZZA wants a…

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Banner poll is up!

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Hey all First some breaking nat news and then some site stuff. Cal from Schmotown found out that Natalie will be participating in the Kids for Kids Celebrity Carnival. She's…

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