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The anniversary celebrations might be pushed back to monday but we do have something for today, the new comic strip! It sorta follows on from the previous strip so make…

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Hey all Been busy this evening working on some stuff for the anniversary so this will be brief. Actually that's mostly a lie. It'll be brief cos I've got f-all…

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okay punks. i have to admit. i've started using product on my hair. i used to when i was a young boy of 12 put stuff in my hair to…

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Part 2, I guess

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Hey all Here is the next step towards completing my update. Amy found this link where the Oscar nominations are looked at and who should have been included. Natalie is…

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Ok, here are the last of the outstanding items. I may have missed a few things but hopefully nothing important. I'm pretty tired so this will be curt. Orionsaint sent…

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update part 1

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Hiya Not really in the mood for a loooong update so over the course of the weekend I'm gonna do mini updates and hopefully by the end of the weekend…

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