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DAY THREE of PORMANIA XIV and now what?!?


no one wants to do anything except Carlotto who made THIS:

and its GOOD!!!

i’ve also been thinking and since natalie is turning 31 and she was 11 when she first started filming The Professional that means it’s the TWENTY YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF NATALIE BECOMING AN ACTRESS!!

well. that’s it.


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a whole lotta PORTMANIA

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A wise king never seeks out PORTMANIA, but he must always be ready for it.

DAY TWO!! are you guys ready? i’ve brushed my teeth and everything, dudes!

YES, the above gif made by Celina expesses the true feelings of all PORTMANIACS everywhere. and then SOME.

in our second exciting day we talk about THOR and look at a wallpaper by ANA and i tell you the secret origins of NATALIEPORTMAN.COM ITSELF.

Would you like to know more? (more…)

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